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Some of the Evergreen 3D Games

Updated on July 14, 2014

In order to enjoy the real magic and thrill of 3D games, one needs to have proper tool set and consoles. Software and hardware required for playing these games are no doubt costly but the better the tool sets, the better is the experience.These days there are thousands of such games available and the gamers are taking every opportunity to experience them in the best possible manner. The cool graphics and great effects are the positive aspects of playing a game in 3D. Listed below are some of the best 3D games:

1. Batman: Arkhmam City: This is the perfect game for those who wish to experience the ultimate gaming experience in 3D. The best part about this game is that the hardware requirements are not quite intensive and the game is perfect for people of all ages. Unlike, other 3D games the ghosting effect is missing and the textures are quite impressive which makes this game a popular choice for 3D gamers. The true power of 3D gaming can be observed simply by playing Batman: Arkham City.

2. Dirt 3: This X-games rally style racing game serves as a visual treat for the gamers playing the game. Although, the game did not receive much praise, the 3D version of Dirt 3 definitely offers something more to the gamers. Distinct weather scenarios, eye-popping locations and beautiful graphics are some of the things to watch out for. The driving experience proves more than real with amazing cockpit view and 3D effects on different elements of weather. For racing game lovers, experiencing Dirt 3 in 3D is not a thing to miss.

3. Crysis 2: When it comes to 3D shooting games, Crysis 2 definitely earns a position at the top. Although, gamers might feel that the game gets affected by ghosting and dizziness, that mostly depends on the settings and hardware used. This gorgeous game can be best enjoyed in 3D and the heavy feeling offered by the engine certainly adds depth to the primary character of the game. Rendering problems are totally missing from the game and while shooting players can feel heavy which is just what is required for an action packed 3D game.

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4. Guild Wars: The best part about Guild Wars is that the gamer can play with other people which really make it worth of an experience. Starting from the environments to each race, the perfect 3D games experience has been made available to gamers. The players are given the opportunity to select a profession and race where every profession comes with its own set of skills. The jaw dropping moments offered by the game in 3D is not describable through words.

5. The Witcher 2: The gorgeous graphics, great story and game play make this game a high favorite for playing in 3D mode. This unlike, the 3D shooting games is completely different as by choosing different paths, the gamers can have a completely new experience. By playing in 3D, one can feel like getting inside the game and enjoying the real life experience of playing this stunning game. The great locations depicted in the game along with eye popping graphics can easily leave a person spell-bound with the amazing effects.

Upcoming 3D Android games in 2014

  • Ridge Racer Slipstream
  • Eternity Warriors 3
  • Motocross Meltdown
  • Robocop
  • Gladiator
  • Seize Your Glory
  • Go Karts
  • Golf Championship
  • Angry Birds Go!


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