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Some of the best free online games

Updated on August 30, 2011
Car racing video game
Car racing video game

There are many games online games which addict people. There is a vast collection of these games in many websites.Some people are passionate about online flash games, and get addicted to those games in their break time. These are a type of puzzle games, which keeps you glued to your screens for long hours. These addicting games also include arcade games, funny games, flash games, shooting games, racing games, word games etc. Some of the best free addicting games are:

  • Gardenscapes: In this you have to create a garden. You have to search the rooms for hidden items and collect the items to restore a perfect garden. The garden needs to return its former glory. This is really an addicting game.
  • Parking: This is a car racing game, in which you have to pass through crowded lots, and park your car in perfect position without damaging your car. You have different levels. In this game you have to reach your goal in a limited period of time.

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  • Racing: You can play car, bike or truck race.There are over 1000 free racing games available online. You have to reach the destination, before the time runs out. There can be hurdles on your way. Escaping all those you have to reach your goal, within specified time period. Then only, you can reach next level.In this category, you can try polygon racer 3D, which has a plenty of race tracks. This is an awesome game, where you have to hit the finish line without much crashes.
  • Best Free Kicker: The main aim of this game is to make as many as goals against your competitors.You just need a mouse to kick the ball.This is some way like soccer.
  • The adventures of red: This is a puzzle solving game, in which you have to help a person, who needs your help. You can help him by collecting blue diamonds that are scattered around the maze and using that clues you have to solve the puzzle.
  • Samurai Sam: This is a fighting game, where you help Samurai by taking revenge on Ninja. You have to avoid traps and slash Ninja’s missions.
  • Rainbow mystery: This is also a puzzle game, where you have to break the curse over Fairyland. You can do this by swapping two adjacent flowers to make a line of three or more matching flowers. This is a puzzle with lot of mystery and excitement.

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  • Weekend Fishing: This is a fishing game, in which you will get a rod to hunt the biggest fish in the sea. For this you will be given only 2 minutes. You can see the line tension indicator, which indicates the heavier fish.
  • Skill Ball: This is a skill game. This is like a brick game, in which you have to remove all the destroyed bricks from the screen with a ball that you control with a paddle. You have to finish the final level without losing lives. You will be given only 3 lives.You will be given additional powers like; bullets, fireball, comets, multi-ball etc.
  • Mario Forever Flash:This is advanced Mario game, where you are super Mario, in which the princess toadstool was captured by Bowser. Your aim is to save the princess by beating Bowser.


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