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Sometimes you just want to glow

Updated on February 12, 2011

When It Gets Dark

You don't have to hope you're glowing from delight, now you can turn your own glow on using electro luminescent wires. And you don't need an electric plug or electricity to do it. They're called El Wire Kits. All you need are a couple of batteries. If you have been in a nightclub lately, you may have seen the best looking dancers adding their own glow by winding a laserwire around their heads, arms, legs or just outlining their dancing shoes. It's the newest way to create a scene that just brings everyone to incredible fun. Even some of the DJs are bringing their luminescent fun to get the party started.

The new DJ Lasers give a throbbing distinction that's activated by the music so it's different with each song. Or if you just want to be practical, make sure you get your glow on while you run, walk or bike to keep you safe and well lighted. And highly luminated color gives you more comfort and security when your kids are doing just about anything! Just add a few luminescent wires to their shoes. After all kids were the first to discover the fun of just waving around a glowstick. Or just have a little fun and light up your dog while going for a walk. It certainly makes going for a walk something to look forward to.

Kits are just easier

EL Wire Kits make anything you want more fun. Just use your imagination when going out for dinner, dancing or anywhere. Even a wedding. That's why the perfect color and glow are becoming a big part of the wedding party. Of course, cars and motorcycles can't be left out. Let the magic of one of the El Wire Kits make your car or motorcycle the attention of the night. Or even a computer takes on the funky fun with the electroluminescent wires.

Even create a costume that stays lighted all night long or have some craziness with lighting up your shadow figures! Sometimes you just want go glow. Fun is the only thing you need to bring to the glow game. Think of something new that will take you to the best of the Glowsters and become a Glow Master!

Do You Wanna Glow??

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