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Sonic CD for Android and iOS - Collect Those Rings As You Blaze Sonic Through Each Level

Updated on October 18, 2012

Why Hello Sonic! Where you been hiding mate?

Sonic CD for Android, iPhone, iPad, iTouch

Your favorite, blazing fast hedgehog Sonic is back in his new title, Sonic CD, available only for Android devices. Sonic first arrived to the world in 1993 and was well received. Gamers loved controlling the blue, little hedgehog on the Sega Genesis, running through loops and collecting gold rings. That was the past and Sonic CD's storyline is based on that, and the future too.

In Sonic CD, the two time periods collide together and Sonic must fight the past in order to save the future by putting an end to Dr. Robotnik's evil schemes, including his dark creation, Metal Sonic. To do this, Sonic must harness the power of time travel with the help of Little Planet and break Dr. Robotnik's hold on the future by destroying his machines in the past in order to recover the missing Time Stones.

With more than 50 levels of play, Sonic can travel through time and explore the past, present, and future. As a bonus, fans of the series can unlock Tails as a playable character.

Fans can also enjoy a 16:9 widescreen playable interface, achievements, leaderboards, as well as both the US and Japanese soundtracks.


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