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Sonic and the Secret Rings for Nintendo Wii

Updated on September 23, 2007

Game Review

When I first started this game and it told me to put the Wiimote sideways I was afraid it was going to be one of the Wii games that does not really use the Wiimotes capabilities of motion sensing. Well, I was happy to find as I played the tutorial levels that it in fact very nicely uses the Wiimote's capabilities. For example, you control Sonic side to side by tilting the Wiimote left and right. Some may find the controls confusing, but personally I found them to be quite easy after I did the tutorials. A few of the tutorials it took a few tries to get, but most I got on the first try and even when it took a few tries I never got to the point of frustration.

The gameplay includes pretty straightforward levels to get through once you complete the tutorials. I find the fast pace of the levels to make it more fun, but for some this may cause one to get flustered. There are of course plenty of rings to collect in every level and guide you through the levels. Some levels do seem pretty long in length/time, but they are relatively easy to get through, especially at the beginning.

This game also has a party mode for multiplayer fun. The mini games also nicely use the Wiimote special capabilities making them a fun somewhat active multiplayer experience. Do not worry if you do not have anyone to compete against you can play against computers of the difficulty level you choose. My favorite of the few mini games I have tried was one in which you used the Wiimote as a crank.

Overall I find this game to be a lot of fun in both single player adventure mode and multiplayer party mode. The graphics are decent throughout, allow the level scenery could do with more variation. I have heard from many that do not like the sound in this game, but I actually like it. This game is also great in that it appeals to all ages of gamers in that kids can learn to play without too much difficulty, but the game is also not very kiddish thus it does not deter older gamers. I do however recommend renting before buying, as even though I personally love this game I have heard from some that really disliked this particular Sonic game.


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    • kjscrafts profile image

      kjscrafts 10 years ago from Tucson, AZ

      Not sure what you are talking about. All the tutorials worked fine for me.

    • profile image

      bob 10 years ago

      dude the special attacks tutorials like slid attack and others do not worK?????