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Sonic the Hedgehog & Classic Sega Games

Updated on April 9, 2011

Sonic Adventure

That's right! in this hub I am going to take you on a Sonic Adventure, it had to come because what Mario Nostalgia hub would not naturally be followed up with this? I have used a similar process to entertain all the Sonic the Hedgehog fans out there, collecting photographs with unusual Sega merchandise and linking them all together.  I am enjoying my last day on holiday until I return to my day job in the morning and wanted to achieve my 85th hub on a subject I find light-hearted.

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Sonic Mega Creative!

As many other Sonic Heroes fans may agree, Sonic has a distinct shape with his triangular spikes and button nose which allows for easy replication and when I was younger me and my friends would often do our own drawings of him. The Artist above has taken it on step further creating their very own 16 bit character's from Lego, basically a screen shot of Sonic from the master system enlarged will show each pixel which can then be represented by a colored brick.

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Play Sonic Perler Beads

Once again this artist has taken the Pixel effect and created something stylish, Sonic and Knuckles art! Knuckles being a character that entered later in the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 game and is a creature called an Enchidna (Spiny Anteater), also starring in some less hyped games & comic books.

I think these pieces of art could sell on a large scale, maybe as wall hangings, table mats, coasters or mouse mats, mainly because they take the two-dimensional imagery to another 'level' from the Lego bricks with their shiny texture and rounded edges almost 3-D.

Photo courtesy of

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Sonic X - tra Cool Figures

There are many Sonic Heroes figurines which can be bought online most likely at any High Street Model/Game stores and also Big chain stores such as HMV & Toys 'R' Us. One place your are guaranteed to find the figures is online, most people would jump straight onto Ebay but I have found one which is fairly cheap and specialises just in action figures and has a wide variety and that is called Forbidden Planet.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Sega Mega Drive

Sonic 2 is probably the game a lot of you remember best about the early 90's, I say this because it has been recorded as the most popular Sonic game of all time selling 6 million copies when measured in 2006. Sonic 2 is brought to life more by the fact that the resolution of the picture is 16 bit, and the Sonic character has the potencial to appear a lot meaner & cooler with more shading in comparasion to our chubby plumbing friend over at Nintendo(no disrespect intended).

Although I'm not going to go in to extreme detail about the various character moves and abilities because I didn't play this game much, I will comment upon the immensely creative background scenes included in the games. Many of the levels in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 have included aquatic 'Ruin' scenes, maybe I just liked this becuase I'm into my ancient history but I also thought it went well with the fact that you have to collect gold rings.

Another way we can see that Sonic themes tie in is with the game 'Sonic Spinball' pictured above, the fact that he turns into a ball when he is gearig up to accelerate being the relation to the popular 50's arcade game.

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Sonic Riders

Sonic the Hedgehog first arrived in 1991 to replace Sega's mascot of the time 'Alex Kidd', they desperately wanted to achieve over 1 million copy sales and began by sponsoring a singing group's tour especially by painting the band's bus. However the above photograph I found shows promotion for Sonic 2 and including the character 'Max Prower' or Tail's which he is more popularly known by. For anybody who doesn't know, he is a fox with two tails who has the ability to ascend by propelling these and also is able to carry other character's around in later releases.

If you are wondering why I included a street stencil of Sonic, this was to emphasize his role as a public figure and icon. I also mention a street art piece about Mario so I thought I'd keep it in suit and show how this Hedgehog is a stylish design also having has own American comic book.

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Sonic 3 Costumes!

Here I have included some photographs of Sonic Plush Toys the same as I included Mario ones and I assume they are equally as popular, but please don't ask me what the furry little pets are in the photo, like I've mentioned before photo availability is limited!

Secondly and maybe more entertaining, I have stumbled upon a large number of Sonic 'Mascot Costumes', the latter being the most realistic of the above photos..the second lot brings thoughts of the 'Power Ranger's or Pantomime' to mind. Checkout this website if you really want to see some good ones, Dr Eggman is even included!

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Sega Genesis & Mega drive

Sega Genesis
Sega Genesis
Mega Drive
Mega Drive

Nintendo released the Super Nintendo in August 1991 shortly after the Sonic Mascot was designed for Sega, the Sega Genesis was to be an 'anti-Nintendo' strike using the sales pitch 'Genesis does what Nintendo don't!'. Nintendo were still ahead so yet another slogan was used for the Mega Drive 'Welcome to the next level', this shifted Sega to 65% of the market in North America for a short time. This was Sega's peak and I included this history lesson as a walked down memory lane for all gamer's who owned one, yet again I remember playing these at those same friend's houses who previously owned Nintendo's but some were even loyal to a particular brand.

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Sonic Unleashed + Sonic & Mario

I'm going to round this article off with two examples of Sonic in current games such as the most recent which is Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games released late last year and also Sonic Unleashed which was released earlier in March 2009.

I will start with Sonic unleashed because there seems to be some controversy surrounding the design of the character and story line. In this game Sonic tries to restore the world after his arch-enemy Dr Eggman splits the earth in half, he also has to come to turns with his new persona which in involves a split personality that makes itself known at night-time when Sonic changes to Sonic the Werehog. You maybe able to see where I have cropped the image I found from Flickr, since this hub was meant to show Sonic's positive side, I did not want the words 'Twice as crap' present. Overall there was a mixed response to the release of this game, some praising the return to his 'platform' roots and other complaining about the transformation dynamics at nighttime scenes.

Lastly I will explain the collaboration between Mario & Sonic. It is obviously a sports game and is surprisingly developed by Sega, although both Nintendo & Sega profit by splitting marketing territory the first owning rights to sales in Japan and the latter North America and Europe.

It includes numerous minor characters from both platforms, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Wario, Waluigi, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Bowser Jr and also Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Amy, Blaze, Knuckles, Vector, Dr Eggman, Metal Sonic & Silver the Hedgehog. 

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