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Sony PSP Component AV Cable for TV Review – Pros & Cons - PSP 2000 – PSP 3000 Component AV Cable

Updated on April 2, 2011

Play games, watch movies & more on your bigscreen TV!

If you own a Sony PSP 2000 or a Sony PSP 3000 and a progressive scan television, why haven’t you hooked them up yet? It’s easy to do with a handy little component AV cable. For around $10-$15 you can play your PSP or UMD videos on big screen televisions, anywhere. The Sony PSP Component AV Cable is perfect for hooking up your PSP to a hotel television or in your own living room. Portable entertainment at it’s finest! Does it work? Yes! I was at my friend’s house yesterday and he was using an AV cable with his PSP 3000 and flat-screen TV. I thought it was pretty cool! Not only can you watch video and see your games on your big screen, but the cord also transmits the audio through your sound system or TV’s speakers. Awesome.

Sit back, relax and watch movies from your PSP on your big screen!
Sit back, relax and watch movies from your PSP on your big screen!

PROS of the PSP Component AV Cable:

  • This cable retails for around $10-$15 bucks. Cheap!
  • The Sony PSP Component AV Cable lets you play PSP 2000 & 3000 games on your television.
  • Use your PSP as a handheld controller while you watch and play your favorite game on your TV. Or, use it as the remote for PSP movie controls.
  • You can also watch your collection of UMD movies on your big screen and view your photo collection straight off of your PSP device.
  • Listen to your MP3’s from your PSP through your TV’s speakers or sound system.
  • If you have Wi-Fi, you can browse the web like you would on your PSP on your big screen TV.

CONS of the PSP Component AV Cable:

  • Your television must be a HDTV, progressive scan television for it to work properly. A standard TV won’t look that great and there is no point in even trying this cable out.
  • It will not take up the full screen so as not to distort the resolution. If you have a 32” tv, you’ll lose about 6 or so inches from the screen. If your watching movies, you will have a small, 1” black border around your video as opposed to the 6” border that surrounds the games. Either way, it’s still bigger then viewing a movie or playing a game on your tiny PSP screen.
  • I’m told that some games do not look that great on the screen (again, it only supports PSP 2000 and PSP 3000 games). If you’re not sure how your games will appear, I’d recommend doing a google search with the game name + psp av cable. Chances are, you own a few games that will make this $15 purchase worthwhile!

Here is a totally awesome video review of the PSP Component AV Cable on YouTube!

PSP Component AV Cable YouTube Video Demonstration

PSP Game Titles at

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