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Sony PlayStation Vita Handheld System 3G Bundles

Updated on January 27, 2012

The Sony PlayStation Vita handheld system will be released in the US and Europe on February 22, 2012. PlayStation Vita is the next-gen handheld system successor to the PlayStation Portable. Unlike the PlayStation Portable, it will feature "two analog sticks," which will make many first-person and third-person video games easier to control (almost like using a normal PlayStation 3 controller).

Only for a limited time, the $300 version of the PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi will have an 8GB memory card (while supplies last)

Consumers who buy the $300 PlayStation Vita Launch bundle will receive an 8GB memory card, which will cost $30 separately. It will also include a 30 day 250MB AT&T DataConnect Pass, which is sold at $15 dollars separately. And lastly a PSN game will be included with the bundle.

Once supplies are gone, the PlayStation Vita 3G/WiFI ($300) version will not include the memory card or the DataConnect Pass. They will need to be purchased separately.

PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi First Edition Bundle ($349.99)

For those who buy the PlayStation Vita First Edition Bundle will receive a 4GB memory card, a DataConnect Pass, and the game "Little Deviants" with limited edition case. Upon activation of the DataConnect Pass, a fee of $15 will be charged to the consumer every 30 days, however, they can cancel any time.

DataConnect allows players to connect to the PlayStation Network without the need of a WiFi connection. Note that there will be a $249.99 version of the PlayStation Vita, but it will not have 3G, only Wi-Fi.

Author Note about PlayStation Vita 3G Versus Wi-Fi

3G is not necessarily needed for players to connect to the PlayStation Network. However, for players who will not be in "WiFi hot spots," the bundle packs will be worth buying. If you are going to be mainly at home playing the PS Vita, or will be located in places with Wi-Fi that allow you to connect to the internet, 3G is virtually useless.

Also keep in mind that in order to use 3G on the PlayStation Vita you need to pay $15 per month.


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