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Sony PlayStation Vita - The Next Generation Portable

Updated on December 18, 2011
Sony PlayStation Vita - The Next Generation Portable
Sony PlayStation Vita - The Next Generation Portable | Source

Sony Vita - December 2011 Launch in Japan and February 2012 Launch in Europe and North America

The PlayStation Vita was released in Japan on 17 December 2011, a little late to maximize the Christmas market but Sony is hoping for strong sales in Japan through to 22 February 2012 when the console goes on sale in Europe and North America.

It needs the Vita to help offset some of the losses the other parts of its business is making, as Sony is currently projecting losses in excess of £640 million for their current financial year which ends on 31 March 2012 and this will be the fourth successive year that this electronics giant has made a loss.

The Vita is Sony's the biggest product launch for five years and it is being accompanied by the record breaking release of 24 launch software products. It is expected to put pressure on the already struggling Nintendo 3DS which had a disappointing start resulting in the company marking down prices in less than 6 months.

However perhaps the biggest challenge to the Vita will not come from other gaming consoles as the rapid expansion of the market for tablets and smartphones has provided casual gamers another platform on which to to play simple and inexpensive games.

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Sony Vita - What is in the Package

In development the Vita was code named the "Next Generation Portable" and the designers have kept the familiar general format of the PSP while enhancing almost every area of its performance truly taking the console to the next level.

  • The designers set out to blur the line between reality and the gaming world using the front and rear enabled camera to augment reality
  • There is an improved built in Wi-Fi system provides the maximum connectivity possible.
  • The new 5" OLED (organic light emitting display) front multi-touch display screen allows for a new touch driven navigational system
  • Whilst the addition of a multi-touch pad on the back allows for interaction in the games with just a a simple movement of the fingers.
  • The PlayStation Network will also be providing services especially for Vita that are intended to greatly enhance gameplay and gamer interaction.
  • Other features include:
  1. a four core CPU
  2. an integral three axis gyroscope
  3. a three axis accelerometer
  4. dual analog stick controls
  5. GPS functionality
  6. new dedicated flash-based game medium with one slot for game content and a second for personal content
  7. full backwards compatibility (via download) to PSP games


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