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Sony Playstation 3 with Move and Sports Champions Bundle

Updated on March 24, 2011

The Sony Playstation 3 is the most powerful video game console

I thought I'd say this right off the bat. The Sony PS3 is the most powerful video game console. It really isn't even that close. Some Xbox 360 games might have similar graphics as PS3 games, but this is mostly because developers are lazy and just port games from one system to another. Games that are PS3 exclusive, and especially those that developers have dedicated major amounts of time and money on, are clearly more advanced that any games on any other consoles. 

Just because one video game console is more powerful than another doesn't make it necessarily better. The Nintendo Wii is clearly not as powerful as the PS3 or the Xbox 360, and there are a lot of people who would say it's the system they play the most because it's more fun. You also have to factor in price. The advanced hardware in the PS3 costs a lot of money. The price for the top bundle, which includes the 320 gb hard drive and a Move controller (along with a Sports Champions game that demonstrates the Moves abilities), has a price tag of nearly $400. Wii bundles with games and controllers that are already similar to the Move controller cost less than $200. You should factor this in when buying a system, because that difference in price could buy you 4 or 5 games. The Xbox 360 usually has a price between $200 and $300, depending on hard drive size and bundled games. 

The Playstation 3 compared to the Xbox 360: We already know that the Wii is the least advanced and also least expensive system, so lets ignore that comparison for a while. Let's instead look at some of the things the Playstation 3 can do that the Xbox 360 cannot. The Playstation 3 is also a Blu-ray player, and a decent one at that. A Blu-ray player of this caliber would cost you $100-$150. The Playstation 3 is also capable of playing fully emersive 3d games. Don't get too excited about this, because you do need a 3DTV, which are very expensive, and there are very few games which have implemented this. 

Overall, there aren't too many games that have really come close to taking advantage of what the Playstation 3 has to offer. I'm not sure if the same can be said of the Xbox 360. I feel like the Xbox 360 is currently being stretched to its limits, and that's why Microsoft is trying to branch out into other areas like controllerless gaming via the Xbox 360 Kinect. The Kinect is just flat-out better than the Move or the WiiMote when it comes to motion sensor gaming.

Neither Sony nor Microsoft have new console systems coming any time soon. With that in mind, I think the PS3 is a good purchase for true video gamers. The casual gamer might not be able to swallow the high price, but hardcore console video gamers will be enjoying new and ever advancing PS3 games for years to come. 


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