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Sony Playstation Move Vs Nintendo Wii

Updated on September 23, 2012

 Have you seen the the new Sony Playstation Move?  it is the newest in video games that allows for you to move  much like the Nintendo Wii.  How will this new gaming system compare to the already well established Nintendo Wii?  Take a look here as we explore this new gaming system and compare the two. 

Let's first explore the Sony PlayStation Move. It is to be released on Sept 21, 2010. it's motion sensing device can be used in conjunction with your already purchased PS 3 and Playstation eye.Playstation eye is a light sensing orb on the top of the Move motion Controller.  The controller has the regular buttons with shapes of triangle square and circle, just like on the old controllers.  Up to four Move controllers can be used at one time  By itself it sells for about 50 dollars. The whole package  together costs nearly 400.00. The Playstation Move will have 35 games. Some titles include SOCOM Littlebigplanet and the Eyepet. Also included is the The Shoot and The Move Party and TV superstars.

The Sony Playstation Move is different than the Wii in how the sensors work. The PS Move uses the PS EyeToy to determine the players position within the gaming environment. The Sony Move also uses an angular rate sensor that tracks the rotation of your movement. The Wii uses infrared to determine the players position in relation to the gaming environment.

Which one wil you pick?

Which gaming system are you most likely to purchase?

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 If you already own the Playstation 3 system then the starter pack could be just for you.  Included in this bundle is the Playstation eye and the playstation Move controller.  Also included the Playstation Move game Sports champions

Playstation Move Starter Bundle

 If you don't have the PlayStation 3 console then you will need the System Bundle.  the system includes the PlayStation 3 console, a PlayStation Move controller, The Playstation eye camera and the move video game, Sports Champions.

In Comparison

It sounds as thought the only Advantage the Wii has at this point is that nearly every one has played it. We all know what to expect. And because the Wii has been around longer, it has more games available.

The PS3 Move seems to be a bit more sophisticated, but of course it has not been tried out yet. I like the fact the PS3 Move can configure your moves even by rotation. The glowing ball at the end of the controller is what gives the system an edge. The Sony PS3 Move can give more precise motion control. This gives the PS3 a more accurate view of the person in the environment. The Move takes things yet another step further. The Move becomes that is in your hand becomes virtual objects on the screen. It can become a sword, a mallet or even a ping pong paddle.And in comparison to the Wii the Sony Move controllers do not connect by wires.

 I only have found one flaw in the Sony PS3 Move gaming system from my readings. The Sony EyeToy camera does not do well in direct sunlight. It floods the screen with white and cannot read the ball on the Sony Playstation Move.

Another critic stated they will stick to playing their Wii for a while. It seems that the Wii has alot  more adventure games to offer than the Sony Move.  The Sony Move is said to have great appeal among the hardcore gamers!

The Ninetndo Wii has definitely blazed the way for newer technology. The Sony PlayStation seems to have blown away the Wii. However there is still the Microsoft Kinect to consider. Reviews have been reacting favorably to the Kinect and it may be true competition for Sony.

If you have purchased a Sony PS3 Move let us know your comments here!

 The Nintendo Wii offers  several type of gaming systems. The  most popular is the  Wii itself.  It has rated four and a half stars out of five from over 2000 customer reviews.  It comes with the console, a controller and  Wii Sportsgame.

 Another version is the WIi Sports and the game Wii Sports Resort.  This version has the Wii Nunchuck, the Wii Motion Plus accessory and the console.  The game Wii Sports Resorts offers a wide variety of games.  Once you hit the Resort you don't know what you will be doing next!

Which one did you purchase?

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I do not have the PS3 but I have spent countless hours with the wii and just love it. I just got a new game for hockey and played it last night...Perhaps with the holidays, I will look further into the PS3...thanks...

    • susannah42 profile image


      8 years ago from Florida

      Thinking of getting one of these systems for my kids for Christmas. Thanks for the info.


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