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Sony announced PSP2

Updated on January 27, 2011

The event expected by many players happened - today 27 January in Tokyo, the company Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) unveiled its new portable console generation. Time of rumors ended. Now we have official information about the Next Generation Portable (NGP - just so long as Sony calls the heir to the PlayStation Portable), due out later this year.

The company is positioning its new console as a device that combines a rich gaming and social opportunities by taking advantage of gaming systems, PSP and PlayStation 3. NGP supports both Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR (A2DP/AVRCP/HSP), and 3G-connectivity and allows the user to competition and communication with friends almost anywhere.

It is worth noting that the NGP is equipped with a relatively large 5-inch multi-touch capacitive OLED-display with a resolution of 960 × 544 (16:9), so the rumors that Sony is going into its new console to focus both avid and casual at the players were quite valid. The company notes that the device is aimed not only at games but also to work with a variety of multimedia entertainment content. Besides the touch screen console is equipped with a multisensor capacitance back panel, which along with the main screen provides players with extensive management tools. 

Sony notes that the NGP inherits the whole design philosophy PSP, but it made a new form factor, Super Oval Design, created for the solution to the most convenient lay in the hands of the player. Console for the first time for the mobile device has two analog sticks, which expands the range of gaming genres. 

Especially worth noting is that the computational power of NGP compared with the original PSP will significantly increase: it will rely on the system on a chip with a 4-core processor ARM Cortex-A9 and a powerful 4-core graphics SGX543MP4 +, supports Open CL. You should also indicate the presence of the device GPS, three-dimensional electronic compass, built-in stereo speakers, microphone, technology support PlayStation Move through three-dimensional accelerometer and a gyroscope, and the two cameras on the front and back side. 

Each game for the NGP will receive your own special space LiveArea, where players can discuss it, share experiences and find a partner for a network game. In the PlayStation Network will be provided the latest news about games; NGP users can view the activity log and achievements.


Games for the NGP will be based on a special proprietary format memory cards. Through the use of flash memory on the card will be able to save games, update them, additional content and conservation. In the future, the volume of cards Sony plans to gradually increase, which will give developers new possibilities. 

PlayStation Suite (PS Suite), announced the launch of which, together with the announcement of the NGP, will be supported by the console. Thus, for NGP will be available the latest games for mobile solutions running on the operating system Google Android. It is very important news for OS Android: apparently co-operation with Sony designed to enhance the gaming experience mobile OS Google. 

The dimensions of the device is about 182 × 18,6 × 83,5 mm (excluding the widest part), about the same price and exact release date of the console while it is not known. Worth the wait of the last quarter of the year. It seems that release will take about a month before Christmas, the season of sales.


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