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Sony's NGP (Next Gen Portable) Top Features

Updated on April 4, 2011

Sony is riding high after the recent showcase of it's newest handheld gaming device known as the NGP (Next Generation Portable [some are just calling it the PSP2]). The hype is building especially as Nintendo is gearing up for the launch of it's own next generation portable device, known as the 3DS. With these 2 old rivals pulling out all the stops to be the top mobile gaming company for the next 5 years we can expect that Sony's NGP will be an incredible sophisticated and feature rich device. So what exactly are the features of Sony's NGP? Read on and discover for yourself what all the hype is about.

Multi Touch Display

Nintendo proved back when the DS was first released that touch screens weren't just a gimmick, and now almost all of our mobile electronics these days have some sort of touch screen capability. Sony decided to stick with the times and incorporated touch technology into the NGP. The screen is fully touch sensitive, and will feature greatly in Sony's upcoming games releases. Combined with the NGP's other features expect this feature to greatly increase playability and create whole new genres of NGP games.

Tilt Motion Sensors

We all knew this was coming. But really it's become a must have. Tilt motion controls are combined with the touch screen and the NGP's updated control scheme will mean even more control options for games being developed. Imagine steering a race car or fighter jet by tilting your NGP where you want to go. 

3G Connectivity

While Sony has said that the NGP is not intended to double as a phone, it will have connectivity to 3G networks so that the device can connect to the internet. This will allow players to join multiplayer games with friends, send messages, connect to the Play Station Network in order to download games and acquire achievements and trophies. 

Awesome Graphics

The LED screen will be beautiful with higher resolution than the original PSP. And behind that nice new high res LED touch screen is going to be a bunch of high powered hardware. Sony has kept silent on the exact specs, but knowing Sony, they will be going for power. Some have speculated that the NGP will be almost as powerful as the Play Station 3 console. 

Dual Analog Sticks

Finally! The feature that everyone has been asking for! Dual analog sticks will be available on NGP! With the inclusion of these dual analog sticks Sony has made the NGP more like their Play Station 3 meaning it will be perfect for more complicated shooting games. Combined with the touch screen and motion controls the dual analog sticks will make playing games even more intense and fun. 


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