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Sorting Hat - Where to Find the Best Harry Potter Sorting Hats - Collectible, Costume and Pretend Play

Updated on September 2, 2011

Sorting Hat - The Harry Potter Sorting Hat

As most Harry Potter fans are aware, the sorting hat plays a serious role when it comes to young wizards entering the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The Sorting Hat originally belonged to Godric Gryffindor, one of the original founders of Hogwarts. When Hogwarts first opened, the four founders used to hand-pick the students that would go in each of their houses, which included Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

The founders realized however that after they died, someone else would have to do the choosing. So Gryffindor took off his hat and found that it could do the choosing for them by sizing up each students strongest character traits and matching them with the most appropriate house.

Luckily however, the hat would also occasionally take into account a students personal wishes when making a decision such as it did with Harry.

Because the hat sensed a part of Voldemort's soul within Harry, it was leaning towards placing him into Slytherin house. However Harry emphatically requested not to be put in that house so the hat placed him in the same house that Harry's father had been in, which was Gryffindor.

The sorting hat has played an important part throughout the other Harry Potter books and movies as well, and has become a favorite of both Harry Potter fans and collectors.

Listed below are a selection of sorting hats for fans to choose from. They range from the cheaper versions which are perfect for younger fans and a great addition to a Harry Potter costume, to the more expensive and authentic looking Sorting Hats that are better for collectors. There is even an officially licensed talking Sorting Hat that repeats lines from the movie.

Child's Size Sorting Hat and Sorting Hat Costume Accessory

This is a great and inexpensive sorting hat that is perfect for younger Harry Potter fans or can be used to complete a Harry Potter Costume.

It is a fabric hat with a wide brim and has the classic pointed shape as the hat in the movies.

One size fits most children up to 12 years of age and this is an officially licensed Harry Potter costume accessory.

It even has the Sorting hat face drawn on the side.

Mini Sorting Hat

This is an adorable mini version of the Sorting Hat. This is the perfect item for Harry Potter fans to wear at birthday parties or to give away as party favors.

They are made of high quality and they even come with a secret pocket inside.

Ultra-Suede Harry Potter Sorting Hat

This is a more authentic looking Sorting Hat. It is also an officially licensed Harry Potter item and comes with some fun extras such as a secret pocket that includes a fortune. Better yet this hat is also a puppet!

It is made of soft ultra-suede fabric with a cotton lining and the size is adjustable.

This hat is not only fun for fans to wear, but also looks great displayed in any Harry Potter decorated room to give it that extra Hogwart's charm and flair!

Talking Sorting Hat - Harry Potter Collectible

This Talking Sorting Hat is the ultimate item for hard core Harry Potter Collectors or fans.

It is an officially licensed wearable prop replica from the movie.

Not only does this sorting hat look authentic but it also talks, saying famous lines from the movie such as "I know? Hufflepuff!" and "Hmmmm? Difficult, very difficult."

The perfect item for more elaborate Harry Potter costumes and another great item to be displayed on the shelves of collectors.

Sorting Hat Pen Display

This is simply an extra fun item for Harry fans. This Sorting Hat Pen Display can hold up to 4 Hogwarts house crest pens (sold separately).

The display is a replica of the sorting hat and is made of cold case porcelain with a wooden base with holders for the four pens.

Perfect item to display on office desks, college dorm desks or even student desks at home.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Scene


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