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Souls games: FromSoftware brings us some dark and brutal, but yet really rewarding experiences

Updated on January 4, 2013
Dark Souls E3 Demo Area
Dark Souls E3 Demo Area | Source

FromSoftware's Souls franchise has been getting both love and hatred from the gaming community, and it's both basically due to its difficulty.

While some gamers (myself included) love the challenges these games have to offer, there are other players that simply don't like them because they're really difficult and frustration gets the best out of them.

It's hard to find games that are actually a challenge for players nowadays. Personally, I think developers tend to babysit gamers so they can beat games without much problems, which is understandable from a business point-of-view (more players equate in more money), but that's exactly why I love From's games. Even though the Souls franchise already has a dedicated hardcore community, it probably doesn't produce as much money as it would with an easier difficulty; still, they choose to produce such games that us dedicated (or sadistic, as some people have called the fans of these games) players can enjoy.

Demon's Souls Trailer

Demon's Souls

The first Souls game, and what a game it was. It won numemerous awards like: Best game of the year, Best PS3 Game, Best Role-Playing Game and Best Original Game Mechanic - back when it was released on 2009.

Besides the difficulty part that I already talked about, this franchise is known for its unique multiplayer component, which was introduced in this title. You can choose to help others with their single player campaign, or you can make it more difficult for them by becoming an extra enemy in their world.

Dark Souls Trailer

Dark Souls

This is the second Souls game, and it did a tremendous job on continuing with everything that made Demon's Souls a hit. One of the basic differences that this one has with its predecessor, is that this one has an open world, whereas the first one was a level-like experience. Meaning that you can wind up on a more difficult map quite easily, since there's little to none directions of where to go next. This is great, since you're unsure about where to continue your adventure and you may be heading to your doom without knowing it.

Even though both games are quite hard at the beginning, and both of them punish you for the simplest mistakes, they're both easily beaten once you know how the enemies attack. That is exactly why most people get too frustrated to try and beat it, lack of patience, in my opinion. A lot of players rather enjoy easy adventures than harder ones, even when the latter reward you with a great sense of satisfaction when you're able to deal with all the perils that exist within these worlds.

I personally find both of these games to be among the best I've ever played, and I highly recommend it to any player out there (even those who have failed at it in the past) to try it, or to keep trying, dying over and over again is part of this game, and after all of your hard work to beat that one part that has killed you so many times... you'll be rewarded with a great sense of accomplishment.

Which Souls game is the best in your opinion so far?

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