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Souls games: Dark Souls II confirmed, and first details are unveiled

Updated on January 9, 2013
Prepare to Die Edition
Prepare to Die Edition | Source

That's right folks, finally an official proof that a new Souls game is coming. People speculated on whether it'd be a sequel of Demon's Souls, or maybe of Dark Souls, or maybe even a new Souls game. Now we know. Dark Souls II is coming, and you can see the first trailer right here (see below).

The announcement just became public a few days ago, as well as some other news regarding this franchise. To start with, even though the game is called Dark Souls II, it'd be a whole new story, new world, new locations, new pretty much everything, kind of like what Square does with their Final Fantasy series, just the trademarks that have made this franchise successful will live on... hopefully.

Why do I sound skeptical? Well, Dark Souls II has a new director, Tomohiro Shibuya. And while the previous director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, will remain as a supervisor, I still have my doubts on whether he'll stay true to the series or not. Of course, with every new game comes new changes, and as long as they're not game-breaking ones, we can live with them. For now, Shibuya has said a few things about DSII. First of all, the new game will be "more direct and accesible" than the previous ones, to try and get a bigger audience. Also, the multiplayer mechanics will be redesigned.

Dark Souls II VGA Trailer

Those two statements are what have me preocupied. Shibuya has said that even though the game will be "more accesible", he won't abandon the difficulty - which is probably the strongest feature these games have. This right here is what probably has most of the fans worried, how far will the word "accesible" spread to? So far, it appears as he's only referring to the storyline, and hopefully, it stays limited to that.

Now, the multiplayer being redesigned sounds... well, weird. This game's multiplayer is unique, since it only serves to enhance the single player experience. It's easily another of the strong features these games have. At first glance, I really don't know what exactly will be redesigned, maybe he just means a few twiches, but after all, the game was just announced a few days ago, and there's already a lot of speculation surrounding it.

We'll have to wait and see how it all turns out when more information is released. I will be updating this article as more and more data is available.

Update #1

  • This game will be a direct sequel to the previous one, but it will take place in an entirely different continent.
  • The world will be around the same size as Lordran was.
  • Gameplay will still be pretty much the same (yay!).
  • The graphics level is astounding, bringing the consoles' specs to its limits.
  • It'll be released in 2014 apparently, the game is at 25% completion more or less.

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