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Space Birthday Party Games for Kids

Updated on March 10, 2016
A space themed birthday party would be memorable for any child would loves science or space.
A space themed birthday party would be memorable for any child would loves science or space. | Source

Space birthday party invitations, decorations, hats and a cake shaped like Jupiter.

About 80 bucks.

Your son's birthday party smile.


Children's birthday parties create memories, build friendships and provide great photo opportunities. However, they can also be a hassle! They require lots of planning and can be stressful for parents.

If your little boy or girl has requested a space-themed birthday party, don't fret. These games below will help liven up the celebration.

Guess the Astronaut Ice Cream

This game is expensive but unique and sure to bring a few giggles.

You will need to order freeze dried ice cream before the party. Blindfold all guests and provide samples of various astronaut ice cream flavors. After they taste each flavor, ask them to write down what they think the flavor was. To make the game a little easier, provide the names of the flavors beforehand. Whoever guesses the most correct flavors, wins!


Astronaut Dress Up Relay Game

This game require a large astronaut costume and small adult diaper.

Divide the guests into two equal teams. Set the astronaut costume about fifteen to twenty feet away from the lines. Require that each player must run to the costume, put the diaper on over their clothes, then the costume on over that. When he/she has the costume on, he/she must smile for a picture.

Then, the participant will remove the costume and run back to the line and tag the next player to go. The first team to finish the relay wins the game!

Find the Star

This game is like an easter egg hunt using glow in the dark stars.

Before the game, buy several glow-in-the-dark stars. Mark one of the stars with a dot or smiley face using a sharpie marker.

Hide the stars around the house. Then, turn off the lights and the stars should hopefully glow in the dark. (You might need to make sure they are exposed to light immediately before the game.) Each guest will then hunt for the stars. Whoever finds marked star, wins! You also might give a prize to whoever collects the most stars.

Guess the Sticker Amount

Fill a small jar with star and space stickers. Be sure to count how many you put in the jar. Ask each child to guess how many stickers are in the jar. Whoever is closest to the correct amount, wins the jar!

You could also fill a jar with "moon rocks" (rocks you found or bought) and ask everyone to guess how many rocks there are.


Hot Rocket Game

You will need a toy rocket for this activity. It is similar to the hot potato game, but uses a toy rocket instead.

Encourage all of the guests to sit in a circle. Then, play music and pass the toy rocket around. Stop the music. Whoever is holding the rocket when the music stops, is then out of the game. The winner is the last child to remain in the game.

Planet Relay Game

This game requires a small earth or planet ball. Divide all guests into separate teams. Then, ask them to line up in a straight line. They will then pass the planet to the player behind them, using the over/under method. (Players alternate with passing the ball over their head and under their legs. When the first player in line passes the ball, he/she must move to the back of the line. When the member at the back of the line reaches the front, the team wins!

Alien Relay Game

This game is sure to bring lots of laughs and smiles. You will need a can of either whipped cream or shaving cream.

Divide the players into two equal teams. Have them line up. Set two tables and two chairs at least twenty feet away from the line. One player from each team will begin by sitting in the "hot seat." Then, one guest from each team must run to the table and use the cream to make the player look like an alien. For example, he/she could make antennas using whipped cream.

He/she must follow a stopwatch or sand dial of about thirty seconds. When time is up, the player must run back, and tag the next player to be in the hot seat. When all party guests look like aliens, the game is over and the team to finish first wins! Be sure to take lots of photos!

Happy Partying! Good Luck!

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