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Space Survival! Minecraft Survival Map Download

Updated on July 8, 2011

There have been a lot of Minecraft survival maps, but none of them up to this point have required that the player survive the cold dark vacuum of space. Space Survival is a great Minecraft survival map, incorporating all the essential elements of a good map. There's mystery in the form of evidence of a pre-existing civilization, there's an amazing environment to get yourself around, including secret areas, red herrings and booby traps - and there's 'physical' challenge in the form of getting from one place to another. Oh, and there's also the little fact that you're stuck on a hostile planet with no food, no grass, no animals and no trees.

A very real sense of desolation pervades this map, but from the moment you begin your space adventure, signs that a civilization once thrived are all over the place, there's the rather hazardous connecting bridge that spans the gap between your starting zone and the major planetary mass, for instance. There's also a series of steps that lead to nowhere and a fountain providing a source of water. What there isn't is any grass or animals, which to be honest, I rather like. If I start a survival map with grass and animals I sort of feel like the challenge is over before it began.

Because you spawn near a bunker of sorts, you have access to some basic tools. Your space survival kid includes an iron pickaxe, 64 torches, a full set of leather armor (spiffy) an iron sword and 128 blocks of stone. There are four such survival sets at hand, so if you happen to lose one or two accidentally plummeting into the void of space, it's okay.

As you begin your exploration, it all appears fairly bleak at first. There's plenty of glowstone and stone to work with, but man cannot survive on glowstone and stone alone, can s/he? Not so much. Even if you're playing this map on peaceful, there's still plenty of challenge to go around. The only hope of finding life appears to be on some of the distant satellites, but how will you get there? And are you missing clues and cues closer to home?

Aside from the original survival island map, this is probably my favorite survival map that I've played so far because it does an amazing job of creating a very real sense of world and a potent need for survival – and it manages to do both without greeting you with numerous signs explaining the reason for your presence.

Download Space Survival, Minecraft Survival Map


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