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Space iPhone RPG

Updated on May 28, 2011

Looking for a Space iPhone RPG?

If you are looking for a space iPhone RPG then there are thousands to choose from. But how do you narrow it down to just one?

Finding the best space iPhone RPG for your play-style is not always easy, do you want to trade or fight, do you like a little strategy, or are you an action FPS junky? Finding a game which matches all your needs, and just follows one of the extremes can be difficult.


What to Look for in an iPhone RPG

Most people prefer a mix of RPG elements in a space iPhone RPG. What a casual gamer wants is often vastly different to that of a hardcore RPG gamer, and finding the perfect balance can be a difficult task.

While looking at dozens of reviews can seem like an arduous task, reading what others think of a game can help ensure that the game you buy is the game you want.

Role Playing

Role playing seems like it is a no brainer for an RPG, but you would be surprised at how much difference there can be in the involvement a game provides. Some games provide a simple fantasy landscape to play on, others might require you to fully immerse yourself within the character to succeed.

Story Line

The story line, or availability of quests is important, and in reality is part of the roleplaying section. A good story line can be compelling and helps draw players in to the game, a poor stoyline will means the game is more suited to pick up and play gamers. Whether you are


One of the true key factors of any role playing game is variety. Unfortunately real variety is lacking in most iPhone RPG's, although games such as Traveller-AR have begun to appear which help fix this. Variety can be manifest in several ways. An open ended storyline, a variety of character types, customizable upgrades, and levelling. What is important about Variety is that it should mean that each player can have a unique character, and have unique benefits and drawbacks when playing against other characters in different aspects of the game.


Professions should really be classed as variety, but I think it is important for it to have it's own special mention. Being able to focus your character on a specific craft or job helps make your character special, and required, in game. For some games the professions may be to do with a career choice. A fighter, a trader, a scientist or an explorer. Other games may instead focus on aspects such as crafting. Crafting could be alchemy, tailoring, or blacksmithing. The best games do of course provide a combination of both these features.

Finding the Best Mix for You!

Finding the best mix for your perfect space iPhone RPG can be difficult. The best way to succeed is to narrow down your play-style. Do you want an open ended game where you can literrally do anything you want, or would you prefer a more structured linear game-play. Do you want to improve your character, analysing stats, or would you rather live the life of your character?

By judging the pros and cons of each game you will soon find the perfect iPhone RPG experience!


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    • smanty profile image

      smanty 6 years ago

      I wasn't aware that there were full blown RPG games for the IPhone. Thanks for the info!