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A Night in- How to get Your Girlfriend as Obsessed With Video Games as You Are

Updated on July 16, 2016

Finally- A Night In

You may be wondering, "how can I get my girlfriend to enjoy the video games that I love?" If so, read on, friend. Just imagine, you are on your way home from work after a long day at work- your girlfriend sends you a text about how excited she is to kick your ass in your favorite games when you get home! This is not a fantasy! This is real life- now that you have followed my guide!

My girlfriend loves nothing more than having a night in with a couple bottles of wine and some good old fashioned video game beat downs. Instead of being dragged to her "girlfriends" house for endless hours of gossip and wishes for death, introduce her to your wonderful fantasy world of video games-- the right way!

Jedi Mind Trick

How can you expect your girlfriend to immediately plop down on the couch with you and start mowing down hordes of undead!? Your girlfriend will be too busy texting on her ringer to care about your silly game! So, how can you lure your unsuspecting girlfriend into finally joining up with you in the world of gaming?

As with any successful relationship, trickery is the way to go! "Tricking" her into becoming obsessed with video games is truly a sensual, seductive process that takes quite a bit of time to bear its' delicious fruit. Start slow.

Girls Play With Dolls

The best way to introduce your girlfriend to video games is definitely through The Sims (or something similar.) I have always loved playing The Sims- and now- so does my girlfriend, but why? It's basically a dollhouse video game! Convince your girlfriend to sit down with you one night and make your characters for herself, and one for you, and she will be playing it any chance she gets! Your girlfriend will love the "drama" and relationships of the game, and you can sit back, cackle, and plot your next move.

The Bait
The Bait

Bait and Switch

Now that you have your girlfriend eating up hours playing The Sims, it's time to put those sly Jedi Mind tricks up your sleeve to work. Start slowly Introducing her to casual role-playing games that aren't too difficult for her. She wants to win! Preferably something you can both play together- after all, spending more time with her at home is the ultimate goal (sort of.) Try to avoid shooters and gory messes... At least for the time being. Wii games are the best for this, (Super Smash is great.) Playing it will be fun for her, it isn't hard, she will revel in your teamwork and relish in crushing you!

As you play, she will develop an interest for the various characters in the game that she fancies playing, and you'll be having tons of good times together.

Female Characters

After you've conquered your girlfriends willpower and have made it to the point where she is searching for an oppurtunity to play video games with you whenever she can, you are ready to head to the next step- introducing her to slightly more "aggressive" games that have a lead character that she can relate to. Tomb Raider was my go-to for this step! Amanda absolutely loves Tomb Raider now, and having a main character that she felt she could relate to in Lara Croft went a long way in "persuading" her into the world of video games.

She really enjoys League of Legends, because of all of the female characters. Also any game that is relatively simple and where she can create her own (female) character will work wonders for this step. She needs a character she can relate to!

Help Her Win

But- don't be a backseat driver! Give her some tips when she's playing, but don't tell her she's doing something wrong. If she asks for help, tell her how to do whatever it is she's having trouble with, rather than taking over and doing it yourself, as this may hurt her confidence. She wants to be good, and she wants to conquer the game herself! Nothing is worse than a backseat driver, this applies to video games too. Don't crowd her or constantly give her advice, she can figure things out on her own.

Just Show Her That It's Fun!

Hopefully, by now your girlfriend is at a point where she looks to play video games even when you aren't around, and is always excited when you pop in a game that you both can play together. Now it's time to relax and unwind with your girlfriend who loves video games as much as you! Time to finally throw your dusty old Halo game into your console, kill loads of baddies, and enjoy your time together with the best team mate you will ever have, your best friend, your girlfriend.


You have finally tricked your unsuspecting girlfriend into enjoying video games. She will be the most loyal team mate and a fierce opponent!


How does your girl feel about video games?

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Thank You!

Thanks for reading my article! Got a comment for me? A question, for me or my wonderful teammate Amanda? Do you disagree?! How did YOU introduce your girlfriend into your favorite video games! Let us know! We'd love to see what you have to say! Now, go kill some shit with your girl!


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