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Spiritomb Weakness

Updated on March 31, 2012


Do Spiritomb Weaknesses Exist?
Do Spiritomb Weaknesses Exist?

Any Spritiomb Weaknesses?

Question: In Pokemon, does Spiritomb have any weaknesses?

Answer: Yes and no. Spiritomb weaknesses do exist, but not in the traditional manner.

Spiritomb is a pretty unique typing as Pokemon go. Only one other Pokemon, Sableye, has the same typing of Ghost/Dark (and in that one, Dark is it's primary typing, Ghost is it's secondary).

This means that knowing how to beat it with super effective moves is not usually that well known.

So it is possible? Is there a Spiritomb weakness that you can exploit when battling with it?

Sort of. But you need to have specific moves. Spiritomb, normally, has no weakness. Not one type can hit it for a super effective type move...

...apart from fighting. The problem is, of course, that fighting moves don't hit Ghost Pokemon. So the only way that fighting moves can hit Spiritomb wekanesses is by having special effects in play.

How does that happen? The Scrappy ability is great for allowing Pokemon to hit Spiritomb with normal and fighting types moves, but the number of Pokemon able to get it is very limited.

Odour Sleuth and Foresight are also both used to allow normal and fighting type moves hit Ghost Pokemon. Do that and you will be able to Mach Punch, Close Combat, etc Spiritomb to death.

But that can be hard to set up, which makes Spiritomb one of the very few Pokemon with very little by way of weaknesses.

Spiritomb Weaknesses Questions?

Got any questions about the Spiritomb weaknesses? Or want to get hold of one? Pokemon Forums give away free Pokemon to new members, and on a regular basis. So pop over there and grab one, and they will also be happy to answer all your questions.

No Spiritomb Weaknesses? Does That Make it Unstoppable?

So with almost zero by way of weakness, Spiritomb should be close to unstoppable in competitive Pokemon battling, right?

Well, no. It certainly has a useful role to fill in competitive Pokemon battling, but it is far from unstoppable.

Like Primape, the Mankey evolution, Spiritomb currently resides in the RU tier of Smogon's competitive battling tiers. RU stands for Rarely used, which should give you a good indication of how popular Spiritomb is in the upper level tiers, even if it has no weaknesses.

Actual Spiritomb Weaknesses

The Spiritomb weaknesses don't lay in what moves can hit it for super effective damage, but in it's stats and move pools.

For instance a pathetic base HP stat of 50 means that, despite it's useful defense types and stats, it won't last long to a potent attacker. With a snail like speed of 35 it's not going to be able to hit any one first before it get's hit, limiting the damage it can do.

It's shallow move pool means that it has no answer to steel type Pokemon, leaving it struggling to do damage. So in it's tier the likes of Steelix and KlingKlang can really stop Spiritomb being able to do much of anything.

So Spiritomb weaknesses do exist, they're not just a case of selecting the right move against it, but in taking advantage of it's problems as a Pokemon

Spiritomb in Battle


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