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Sporcle: A Great Place to Play Games Online

Updated on January 24, 2011

Online Trivial Pursuit

Online games are fun to play and easy to access. An online game allows you to use your computer to access a game whenever you wish. You don't have to worry about missing pieces. Your can't can't eat the pieces of the puzzle you assemble online. You also don't have to worry about putting it back in the box.

One of my favorite places to play games online is Sporcle. If you like to play online games or board based around knowledge you'll really like this website. The website reminds me of a form of Trivial Pursuit.

Types of Games

 Sporcle offers free games based on a wide variety of subjects. Users will find free games in many separate categories including geography, history and literature. The games are based primarily on answering questions such as the Top Baby Names of 2007 or Name All the Crayola Crayons.

People can create their own games as well to offer their fellow players. Each day the site offers three to five new games for people to play. Each free online game has a different set of questions.


 Users can play games online with by themselves or with each other. You can also play a game without registering. If you register you can create your own game and keep a list of your ongoing results for each game. Each game has a good explanation that makes it easy to understand the ultimate aim of the game. You can play games online multiple times or just a single time. The games are archived so you can access old favorites. A search feature allows you to find your favorite online game.

Online games at sporcle cover a wide range of subjects. You might find trivia questions about the latest Superbowl game one day and questions about cat breeds the next.


 The online games at Sporcle are limited to trivia and trivia only. The site does not offer any other type of game such as puzzles or word searches. Online games only cover certain subjects. You can't stop a game's timer and then return to it later.

Online Fun

 Overall Sporcle is a good place to enjoy a quick brain workout. If you like to see fast you can name the capitals of Europe, this an excellent place to visit for free online games. Children can enjoy it as well. Many games can be used to teach about geography, history and literature. The free games are easy to understand and have user friendly graphics.


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