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What are your Sports Cards Worth?

Updated on July 30, 2015

knowledge is Power

Just as learning a new skill or job, you have to know what you are doing before a company lets you go on your own. Companies offer training courses to new employee's so they are proficient in the job they will be assigned too. Just as you would be trained in your job, you should learn your hobby of sports card collecting. So where do you start? Books. I know it sounds like you are back in school but with any hobby that you are serious about you need to be knowledgeable in what you are collecting. I have the phrase 'knowledge is power' written above my work desk at all times. I read it every morning before I start my day. I have been collecting autographs and sports cards for over twenty years and I still do not know all there is to know about the great hobby of sports card collecting and autograph collecting.

What are my sports cards worth?

There is a saying that "If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is." That phrase goes a long way in sports cards values. In today's high tech world there are so many search engines you can use to find a value on sports cards. You must however be careful and know what it is you are searching. When you want to place a value on a card you must first decide is it for personal information or for re-sale? Do not place a value on a card solely based on the fact that you like it. You would be surprised how many people do that. Remember the phrase in the previous paragraph, Knowledge is power. That is so true when placing a monetary value on a sports card.

The internet can be your best friend or worse enemy when trying to place a value on a sports card. Enemy: Online auction sites. Don't get me wrong it is a great site to browse and bid or buy cards that you need for your collection. Do not use auction sites as a reliable source for setting a value on a sports card. If you are just checking to see if similar cards are selling or not that is fine. To use the site to value your cards will be a mistake. People set the value of a card that they personally feel it is worth.

Friend: Reliable Sports card value sites. There is only one that I use and it is Yes, there is a monthly fee but you have to ask yourself is it worth the monthly fee to find an accurate price on your cards? If you only have a few I would say no. If you have a collection, well worth the fee. Beckett is not the only reliable site for finding the value of sports cards you just have to search and study sites. Remember, knowledge is power.

Valuable Baseball Card.

We all know the lure of the famous 1909 T206 Honus Wagner baseball card. It is the holy grail of cards, garnering the most interest from high-profile owners and the biggest price-tags at auction. One of the 50-100 in circulation sold at auction for 2.1 million dollars. Now that you have picked yourself up off of the ground let me tell you a little something about this card. Notorious memorabilia dealer Bill Mastro had admitted to altering the card in hopes of increasing the value. He was accused of trimming the edges of the card to better its appearance and hopefully higher bids. Well it worked. Wayne Gretzky bought the card. He later sold it to Arizona Diamondback's owner Ken Kendrick. He paid 2.8 million. Want to hear the crazy part? One auction expert and the card's owner think this turn of events will increase the value of the card.

Dishonest as it was, Mastro's trimming the card did work. The version he once owned is the highest-graded and most expensive. There was one sold that was deemed three grades lower than the one Mastro cut.

Now we wait to see what happens next time it's sold.

T206 Honus Wagner Card.

Here is a photo of a graded T206 Honus Wagner. By the way, in case you did not know the T stands for Tobacco. Happy Collecting.


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