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Spynet Video Watch: Hottest Toys For Christmas

Updated on November 9, 2010

Spynet Video Watch

Boy I wish I had a Spynet Video Watch when I was younger. This Spynet watch is incredible because it takes photos, it has a video camera, audio recorder and a microphone for all your spy needs. Their are so many gadgets on this one wathc it is a great deal. This Watch usually retails for $49.99.

You can record and playback video, audio and photos which most if any watches can, Secretly record up to 20 minutes of video
you can also record up to 4 hours of audio The other incredible thing about this a watch is that it can capture photo evidence - up to 2000 pics

You can transfer the data to your computer with a USB port.  For easy storage of all your data.

Spynet Video Watch Review

What makes this watch cool is the 2000 photos, the video, audio. But there is also more that you can do. You can download missions from the Spynet Website for added fun for you and your friends. Their is also a voice changer which is a blast to use. You can also download new features from the website for the Spynet Video Watch.

You can also get a lie detector on the watch that actually uses the persons voice and if it changes or fluctuates it can tell if they are lying.  This will be a favorite of kids for christmas some major retail locations have already sold out.


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