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Rare Squinkies :: Squinkies Series

Updated on August 19, 2011
Squinkie Doo Salon and Spa
Squinkie Doo Salon and Spa

Squinkies Bubble Packs 7,8, & 9 Available Now!

We've all been waiting for the upcoming release of NEW SQUINKIES, and they are finally here! They have added 3 more bubble packs to the original 6 that were available. Great for parents who have been using Squinkies as a reward - replenish your stock now!

Where to Buy Squinkies Surprize Toys?

So, you and every other parent of a 4-10 year old is looking for the hottest new toy this Christmas season - the Squinkies Surprise toys. These are one of the most adorable toy concepts I have seen in a while - although the Zoobles are quite cute too.

Squinkies squishies have only been on the market less than a year, but their heavy advertising campaign is just now kicking in, and will only drive the Squinkies buying frenzy higher. As the Holiday season gets closer, I am sure there will be more and more 'Squinkies Squinkies Squinkies' commercials to be delivered.

We have yet to see if the Squinkies manufacturer - Blip Toys - has enough supply to fill this potential demand.

Squinkies have not yet been fully stocked at brick and mortar retailers like Walmart & Target. If the Zhu Zhu Pets of last year are to be used as an example, these retailers may not be able to hold stock once they do start receiving regular shipments.

Squinkies Squinkies Squinkies
Squinkies Squinkies Squinkies

What are Squinkies anyway?

Squinkies are little characters - people, babies, and animals. These little characters come packaged in little plastic gumball shells. These little gumballs are designed to go into a Squinkie Surprise Gumball machine.

Right now the collection has 189 figures that can be purchased separately and in playsets & gift packs.

A Toy with a Concept!

Think these little guys were designed just to go on pencil tops? Nope! These toys, manufactured by Blip Toys, were designed with a concept in mind. It goes like this. You buy one of the Squinkies Gumball Machines, set it on your counter, and use each little gumball surprize as a reward for your child when they exhibit good behaviors. For instance, you could use these when potty training, as chore rewards, or a thank you for good sibling behavior.

Squishy Squooshy Squashy Fun!

  • Babies - There are 18 babies in the Squinkies collection.
  • Friends - There are 36 friends (people characters) in the Squinkies collection.
  • Kitties - There are 26 kitties in the Squinkies collection.
  • Pets - There are 46 pets (a variety of animals from butterflies to monkeys) in the Squinkies collection.
  • Ponies - There are 16 ponies in the Squinkies collection
  • Puppies - There are 24 puppies in the Squinkies collection.

Rare Squinky
Rare Squinky

Rare Squinkies

Rare Squinkies are a true surprise! You may find one of 20 rare squinkies inside of the bubble packs. You will know when you find one because they will sparkle! These rare squinkies are a glittery solid color - blue, pink, green, purple, and orange.

What is in the Squinkies Mega Super Collector 100 Pack?

The ultimate collection! Stock up on Squinkies with this collection. It includes all 6 Squinkie Bubble Packs, plus 4 Exclusive Squinkies.

  • 24 Pets
  • 8 Ponies
  • 18 Friends
  • 14 Babies
  • 16 Puppies
  • 16 Kitties

** This collection is already out of stock at most retailers!

Surprise Bracelets

Other surprises in the Squinkie world can be found in the Princess Surprise Bracelet where you will find a Castle Squinky, Crown Squinkie, and Slipper Squinkie. The Birthday Surprise Bracelet also has a few special Squinkies like a Birthday Cake Squinkie, and a Gift Squinkie. The Fantasy Surprise Bracelet will be sure to charm - it has a special butterfly. Each bracelet pack comes with 4 Squinkies, a Bracelet, and a Ring.

How do you buy Squinkies?

Squinkies are not sold individually. They are sold in playsets or in bubble packs.

You will find the entire collection fo Squinkies in these packages:

  • 6 sets of bubble packs with 16 Squinkies in each one
  • 4 mini playsets with 3 Squinkies in each one - Under the Sea Surprize!, Shopping Fun Surprize!, Royal Friends Surprize!, Bride to Be Surprize!
  • Palace Surprize!
  • 3 bracelet collections - Birthday Surprize! Bracelet, Fantasy Surprize! Bracelet, Princess Surprize! Bracelet
  • Teatime Surprize! Playset with 5 Squinkies inside
  • Gumball Surprize! Playset has 6 Squinkies inside
  • Gumball Surprize! Playhouse has 9 Squinkes inside
  • Cupcake Surprize! Bake Shop with 9 Squinkies included
  • Tote & Go Carry Case has 4 exclusive Squinkies
  • Super Collector Pack has 100 with 4 of them exclusive to this set

How do you know Squinkies will be sold out?

Already select items from the Squinkies collection are sold out. If you check the Amazon prices, you may notice that some are higher than the List Price. Why? Because at this moment, the supply is higher than the demand.

Toys R Us, Walmart, and Target online stores are all completely out of stock as of this writing.

I will try to keep this page updated with the stock status at these online retailers.

9/15/10 - Toys R Us online has a limited selection in stock!!

9/22/10 - Saw some of the Squinkies Gumball Surprize toys at my Target today. Everything else was gone, but they did have these.

9/24/10 - Squinkies Surprise Cupcake Bakeshop in stock on Toys R Us website. Everything else is out of stock.

10/26/10 - There were a few packs of the Squinkies bubble packs and 2 of the Gumball Surprize at Walmart this morning.

11/2/10 - These are IN STOCK on the ToysRUs website.

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New Squinkies in November 2010

Just in time for the Christmas rush, Blip Toys will be introducing 3 more bubble packs of Squinkies!

These packs will include 16 new Squinkies in each bubble pack!

  • Series 7, 8, & 9 bubble packs will have 1 Baby, 3 Friends, 1 Pony, 1 Puppy, 1 Kittie, 9 Pets (Frog, Seahorse, Seal, Squirrel, Lion, Bluebird, Giraffe, Pig, Mouse)

All of them do contain the same figures, but each one has different colors.

Are you desperately searching for Squinkies?

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Feedback & Comments are Welcome & Appreciated!
Feedback & Comments are Welcome & Appreciated!


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    • profile image

      jtjc4life 5 years ago

      My daughter has been collecting Squinkies, she really wants a collection of Rares, if anyone wants to sell any rare Clear or Clear/Glitter I can pay via paypal - feel free to email me anytime jtjc4life at gmail dot com

    • profile image

      suzzanna cresto 5 years ago

      Maddie how old are you cause i am 11 and i love squinkies

    • profile image

      coolcat 5 years ago

      i love squinkies they are so cool i realy want some rare ones like the glitter ones go squinkies

    • profile image

      kimmy 6 years ago

      can you send me a pack of squnkies for free i want the dragon thing please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      maddie 6 years ago

      i have about 900 squinkies and i have every single rare one im still looking for more and i got two big holders and one big squinkie home and i play with them every day

    • profile image

      monica in NZ 6 years ago

      we love squinkes so much...we have a new pink glitter monkey,he is so cute :)

    • profile image

      Nety 6 years ago

      Nety loves squiNkes

    • profile image

      Dželila is an awesome spa manager! 6 years ago

      Ja ih imam puno.Super su puno mi se svi?aju.Mekani su i nježni.

    • profile image

      Emma 6 years ago

      We love squinkes

    • profile image

      Emma 6 years ago

      Squinkes are fun

    • profile image

      Bay 6 years ago

      Brooke, I love squinkies to and I have a yellow glittery kitty to and it is so cute.sometimes they are really hard to find they are so cool

    • profile image

      Brooke 6 years ago

      I love Sauk lies so much I have a glittery one it s so cute

    • profile image

      Ruby 6 years ago

      Look I'm eleven and these toys are awsome they are sloop omg cool and they rock the house down

    • Rose Mari profile image

      Rose Mari 7 years ago

      Pilgrim - I've seen them in stores recently as well. I think there is a high demand for them, but they may have increased production levels recently. Last month they were almost impossible to find in stores.

      We'll see if the supply continues to keep up with the demand.

    • profile image

      PILGRIM 7 years ago


    • Rose Mari profile image

      Rose Mari 7 years ago

      Jim - all indications are that it will be similar.

    • profile image

      Jim 7 years ago

      I am hoping that the demand stays high for Squinkies. Zhu Zhu Pets repeat of last year? I have purchased 2 complete sets (minus the Super Collector pack) and 2 sets of the bubble packs. Waiting on December to roll around so I can sell them at a markup on ebay.

    • Rose Mari profile image

      Rose Mari 7 years ago

      Lexi - As of today, you can still order these from Amazon buy clicking on one of the product items.

    • profile image

      Lexi 7 years ago

      I didn't think these would be this hard to find! my daughter wants these for her birthday & I can't find them at Walmart or Target.