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Squinkies Toys Reviewed by Almazoo

Updated on December 2, 2010

Squinkies Cupcake Surprise Bakeshop

Move over Polly's Pockets this is the new hot toy. Squinkies is a great little mini world for kids. This little bakery shop actually turns into a dispense machine that you can put the little squinkies in. Kids love this toy as well as adults because it gives your kids something to look forward to and helps with good behavior because the kids love to put the money in the slot and get the toy. Kids love it because you can play with it as well as get toys out of it. This toy is loved by many people and the pieces are small but not like polly pocket small.

Squinkies Gumball Surprise Playhouse

The Squinkies Gumball Surprise Playhouse is another toy like the bakery this one transform into a cute little play area for your kids as well as turning into a gumball surprise dispense machine.  Includes 9 bubbles with themed Squinkies inside but can hold up to 15 bubbles inside of it.  The real fun is collecting them all and putting them in the machine so that your child can earn them with doing chores, good behavior, good grades. Now I can see why kids and parents love this toy.

Squinkies at Walmart

These toys are the hottest thing this year it's just like Polly pocket and Littles Pet Shop.  Kids seem to enjoy this toy alot more probably because the toy is so creative and kids love it.  Their are hundreds of Squinkes to collect and trade.  This toy is ranking high on amazon, toys r us, walmart.


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