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Stag Night Scavenger Hunt

Updated on February 04, 2016
Why not get out of the bar for a while ...
Why not get out of the bar for a while ... | Source

You finally found her. She is the one. The one girl worth settling down for. The one girl worth marrying. The one worth waking up with every single morning for the rest of your life. And soon the two of you will be married and you won't have a care in the world. But before that happens your friends want to take you out for one last night on the town. One last party, one last guy's night, one last crazy story. A bachelor party. Or, as they're sometimes called, a stag night.

Or maybe your best friend is about to get married? Perhaps you are not the groom, but the best man? If you're the one in charge of planning the festivities, then you certainly should not be the groom himself. The person for whom you are throwing the party should never double as their own party planner. It ruins any surprises that might come throughout the evening. And a stag night party should be full of surprises.

Whatever the case, whoever is planning a stag night should consider making use of a scavenger hunt with clues relating to the groom as a center piece to the party. Or perhaps one of these scavenger hunts could kick the evening off if you have a larger plan for afterwords. Either way, scavenger hunts can be a fun way to reminiscence, so why not make the coming stag night a memorable one?

No Kids Allowed

Before we start you need to make sure that any children are accounted for and placed in a safe location for the evening. Get sitters if you have to, but do not bring your kids on scavenger hunts like this. This is an adults only event by nature. Do not be fooled by the association between children and scavenger hunts. This isn't a party for the little ones.

Laying To Rest Old Ghosts

The recipient of this stag night scavenger hunt will be married soon, but he probably didn't get things right on his first try. Or his second, or his third, or his tenth. He likely has a rogues gallery of ex-girlfriends that are his exes for a very good reason. And surely some of those girls have generated some comical stories on their way out of his life. Maybe one of them did something that was embarrassing to him at the time but is now hilarious in retrospect, or maybe one of them did something that was a little past what one might call sanity.

If you're close to the groom then you should know a lot of these stories already. If you aren't privy to this knowledge then ask someone who is. Gather as much info as you possibly can and then begin to create a scavenger hunt with riddles based around these stories.

You're probably going to have to get kind of symbolic, and that is OK. If you have to, consider a reverse scavenger hunt. That is to say, hand the groom a list of items, have him find and bring each one front and center, and then tell the story to everyone at the party. This way everyone can have a good laugh.

Just as an aside: make sure you only pick stories that the groom is alright with having presented to their friends that will be there. Don't pick something that still makes them upset or sore. This is supposed to be a party, not a counseling session. So keep things light.

Compare and Contrast

Once each story is done someone could then say something to praise his soon-to-be wife. Maybe a girl did something particularly awful to the groom? Loudly proclaim how lucky of a man he is to be marrying a woman that would never do such a thing! Praise him for his selection of a mate, praise her for whatever qualities he loves most. Play up the fact that he's a lucky, lucky man. Make him excited for his wedding and make sure that he remembers why you're having this last night out.

Picking Out A Good Spot

There is a stereotype that men like to go to strip clubs for their stag nights. And if this is part of the plan then get the scavenger hunt out of the way first. Do not attempt to hide items and search for them in a bar or strip club. The owners won't appreciate it and neither will the groom.

What you should do is make the choice of when and where early on. Do you want the hunt to be the start of the evening or the end of it? Do you want the reminiscing to happen sober or drunk? Do you want it to be a quiet moment of reflection after all is said and done? Answer these questions before you plan anything specific.

If you do choose to do the hunt at the end of the night, make sure it isn't anything so complicated that people will forgo it in favor of passing out somewhere. Unless, that is, you want it to be a more private affair between only the groom and his closest of friends.

If you choose to do the hunt at the beginning of the night, make sure that you don't let it drag on too long. You want everyone to have a good time and people can get bored easily when waiting for the more rambunctious activities to begin.

Above all, make sure the festivities – scavenger hunt included – happen somewhere safe. Don't put anyone in danger by having some back alley hunt for a spot you once partied at, especially if this hunt happens whilst drunk. If you do anything that requires location shifting do it sober. You'll thank yourself when the wedding comes around and the groom is alive to say “I do.”

That being said, make sure you have fun with this. It will be the groom's last night of “freedom.” That may be a cliché that gets pulled out when people speak of bachelor's parties, but it doesn't matter if you agree with it. These events are a rite of passage of sorts and no one wants to have such special once-in-a-lifetime things ruined for them.

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