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Stamp Collecting

Updated on October 4, 2012

Supplies Needed

If you're a stamp collector or just passionate about stamps there are a few items that are a must have to keep your collection organized and protected. You can easily go to any store that specializes in collections to pick up your supplies but another option is ordering online.

Many collectors will tell you the first and most important item is a stock book. The stock books are the folders or books you use to hold your collection. They contain clear plastic sleeves that are designed specifically for stamps. Other important items include tongs, a loupe or a simple magnifying glass would do, as well as a good table light, glassine envelopes, and a stamp guide to help you determine the value of your stamps.

Where to shop

As stated above, you can find some items at any general collectibles store locally but if you want to get buy everything you need to have an excellent collection and be able to show it off with confidence your best bet is ordering items online. Along with that being said, ordering online can usually save you a little money, as well.

A good online store to start with is Stamp Paraphernalia. They have everything from starter kits to watermarking items. They also have a wide collection of individual stamps that you can purchase for your own collections. If you are just starting out or you have an extensive collection already you can buy all the supplies you need in one transaction.


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