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Star Challenge Missions - Solar 2 Guide

Updated on November 9, 2013

This Solar 2 walkthrough and strategy guide covers the Star Stage challenge missions, Dark Dodger, Getaway Again and Snowball Fight. Within this guide you will find strategies and tactics along with playthrough videos showing these tasks being performed in real time. These challenges are new single task missions that were added in a recent patch of the game, v1.07 that present a more strict approach at overcoming specific obstacles that are thrown at you.

Star Challenge Missions:

  • Dark Doger
  • Getaway Again
  • Snowball Fight + Snowflake Star Achievement

If you are looking for more guides covering the rest of Solar 2, click here to be taken to the Star Stage Index where you can find more links to the other guides.

Evading the asteroids in Dark Dodger of Solar 2.
Evading the asteroids in Dark Dodger of Solar 2.

Dark Dodger

The Dark Dodger star challenge mission will have you as a Neutron Star, tasked with staying within a large circle drawn in space while waves of dark matter asteroids are spawned near you non-stop. It is up to you to dodge and survive these rocks as much as possible, at least 35 seconds needed for the hard score, realizing that a single impact will spawn a black hole that will suck in and destroy your star.

Easy Score: Survive for at least 15 seconds.
Medium Score: Survive for at least 25 seconds.
Hard Score: Survive for at least 35 seconds.

These challenge isn't as difficult as it may sound, as for starters in Dark Dodger the asteroids are spawned slowly and with little to no beginning speed. The one factor working against you is the massive gravity well of the neutron star that will constantly pull them towards you. As a helping hand, the path function is forced on in this mission, allowing you to move opposite of the oncoming asteroids direction while evading collisions with them. Keep in mind the asteroids will stay within the circle and the challenge is made progressively harder by their increasing numbers, although some may collide with each other and absorb one another at the same time. Don't stop moving and stay as far away from all of them as possible to limit your gravitational pull.

Dark Dodger - Solar 2 Video Guide

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Avoiding some asteroid clusters in Getaway Again of Solar 2.Two stars are allowed to pass on either side of the controlled star and collide with each other ahead.
Avoiding some asteroid clusters in Getaway Again of Solar 2.
Avoiding some asteroid clusters in Getaway Again of Solar 2.
Two stars are allowed to pass on either side of the controlled star and collide with each other ahead.
Two stars are allowed to pass on either side of the controlled star and collide with each other ahead.

Getaway Again

The Getaway Again star challenge mission in Solar 2, as its name suggests, is a repeat of the Getaway star story mission with a new twist to have you facing off against. You will need to complete the entire course while taking as little damage as possible as a large star. Note: You cannot escape the course to complete this mission as you can do with the story version, you will have to take the difficult route and navigate the entire course to succeed.

Easy Score: Less than 1500 damage taken.
Medium Score: Less than 500 damage taken.
Hard Score: Less than 150 damage taken.

If you have already complete Getaway, you will actually find this challenge a little bit easier in some respects, considering the course itself is somewhat easier to navigate. However the challenge here comes with avoiding damage. Your best bet is to not worry so much about asteroids, avoiding them when possible, but soaking up the hits when dodging them may otherwise cause you to collide with something larger. Since the damage of asteroids is only 1 per rock, you can soak up at least 149 asteroid hits without facing failure or denying you the hard score. As long as you can avoid the stars themselves, you will be fine here, however if not, a single high damage collision with one can mean failure. The path key will help you predict oncoming paths, and remember to utilize and watch out for the effects of both your gravity well and that of the star lane.

Getaway Again - Solar 2 Video Guide

Hitting the enemy star with a snow planet in Snowball Fight.
Hitting the enemy star with a snow planet in Snowball Fight.

Snowball Fight

The Snowball Fight challenge mission is a special challenge added for the 2011 Steam Winter Sale as one of the gift grab games, with the associated achievement Snowflake Star which unlocks for players earning at least 4 points, or the medium score for this mission. The idea here is to take your star with 8 orbiting, lifeless snow planets, and fight a duplicate of your system by smacking your snow planets, or snowballs, into the enemy star without taking hits yourself. Each hit you take reduces your score by 1 and hits you make on the enemy increase your score by 1. The mission ends when either system is devoid of its snowballs.

Easy Score: End the challenge with at least 2 points.
Medium Score: End the challenge with at least 4 points.
Hard Score: End the challenge with at least 6 points.

In Snowball Fight and the achievement Snowflake Star, you can earn up to 8 points by completing the round perfectly by smacking all your snowballs into the enemy star without taking any hits yourself, or losing a snowball by hitting one of the enemy's planets with one of your own. Snowball to snowball collisions cost and earn you no points.

The enemy star is completely motionless, allowing you to navigate in between its orbiting planets with your own, although will begin to move if drawn in by your gravity well and close presence, so avoid hovering around it to much to keep it from flying across the screen. Take your time, since there is no clock or timer here, and wait for the orbits of both system's planets to make your hits easier, keeping in mind to avoid any strays. If you haven't already, it helps to get an idea of how orbits work in Solar 2.

Snowball Fight - Solar 2 Video Guide


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