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Star Ruler

Updated on March 9, 2011

Introduction to Star Ruler

Star Ruler is quite possibly the most immersive space RTS I have played in since Sins of a Solar Empire was spawned, and trust me, Star Ruler is twice as good as that game, even though it hasn't really been finished yet. Star Ruler is all about being able to create your empire and your fleets the way you want to, right down to individual ship design.

Being able to design everything from your own planet setup, to the creation of everything from flak frigates to immense armor piercing cruisers gives Star Ruler a huge amount of depth and playability.

The Star Ruler game has hung on by the skin of it's teeth, due to lack of funding it was nearly forced to close down. However with a pre-release to players, many people bough tthe game early on, and they found a fantastic game even before it was finished.

Blind Mind studios have kept their promise and used the cash from pre-release sales to continue developing this immense space RTS. and over the coming article I am going to explain why this is the perfect game for PC gamers around the world.

Star Ruler
Star Ruler

What is Star Ruler?

Star Ruler is a space based strategy RTS empire building game.  You start off on a single planet, and then depending on the power of your system, you can expand to over 5000 systems, and battle against a huge number of other prospering empires.

In Star Ruler you will have to grow your empire by balancing your economy, your expansion, your research and your military.  This is no easy feat, but with complete planet customization available, you really can quickly achieve a strong enough economy to support the rest of your endeavors.

Customization in Star Ruler

You empire is customized from the very beginning in Star Ruler. You can choose from several traits which will give you advantages and disadvantages (Balanced by a scoring system).  These are a great way to give a little extra boost to your playstyle.

Once the game begins you will begin to colonize new planets, in most cases you can leave this set to Auto Governor, however on some occasions you might want to customize the planet to suit a particular need, be it economic or a fleet building station.

Ship customization is quite possibly the best feature in star ruler. You can choose from a huge variety of hulls, accessories, defenses and weapons to create the ultimate ships ,whether you need miners, transports, fighters, or vast battle cruisers. The wide range of options means that every fleet will be unique, and while you will soon come up with a few favorite designs, there will always be new options to explore.

Star Ruler Conclusion

Star Ruler is an amazing game with vast playability and re-playability. While you will start out learning the basics, it will not take you long to get engrossed with the ship building mechanism, which is a little awkward to pick up, but very hard to put down.

If you love space RTS, or any RTS for that matter, then Star Ruler is definitely a fantastic choice, and with one of the best development teams I have ever seen, I will only watch it get increasingly better!


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      jrsearam 7 years ago from San Juan, PR

      Far out, I'll have to check it out. JR