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Star Trek Collectibles: Borg Toys

Updated on August 10, 2016

Star Trek fans have been fascinated by the Borg ever since TNG's season 2 episode Q Who. Many also consider the season 3 finale The Best of Both Worlds, to be the best episode of the series.

First Contact, the only Trek movie to feature the Borg as the main antagonist, is also generally considered the best TNG film.

Some sort of Borg collectible is a must for the Star Trek fan. Here is some great Borg memorabilia to display or collect.

Any of these items would be a great addition to a Star Trek collection, and if I don't tell you now that "resistance is futile", i don't think i'll ever be allowed to write on the internet again.

The Borg Queen Statue

She is the strangely alluring villain from First Contact, the best of the TNG films. She is the Collective manifested as an individual, “the one who is many”. The Borg were already awesome but creating an individual to represent the collective was a great idea.

After landmark encounters with Captain Picard and Captain Janeway, the Borg Queen is a candidate for most memorable character with the least screen time. Played by Alice Krige with sensuality and menace, she is my pick for best TNG villain.

Favorite Borg Queen moment: the first time she is shown, her upper torso descending slowly and clamping into place. (Star Trek First Contact)

This is a Playmates limited edition (1 of 5000)12 inch cold-cast statue.

It comes with a base, name plate, and certificate of authenticity.

Borg Cube Monitor Mate

If you want to make the most fearsome ship in TNG an ornament on your desk, this is the collectible for you. This bobble head style figurine is reasonably detailed for such an inexpensive item. It sits on a base that says Star Trek The Next Generation, and it comes with a square of double sided tape to attach it to a monitor.

I have this simple collectible, and I really like it.

The Borg Queen and Data Diorama

This is a diorama set of the Borg queen and Data from First Contact. It is 6" and hand painted, made of cold cast resin. It features Data in a Borg assimilation table, the queen, and a Borg base.

This is great for display as a reminder of the best Next Generation movie.

Retro Borg Drone Action Figure

This is a Diamond Select release that stands about 8" tall. It has a full cloth uniform, styled as the Borg originally looked in the TNG episode Q Who.

This is a candidate for the first great TNG episode. Many fans remember it fondly for introducing the Borg and setting up the blockbuster season 3 finale The Best of Both Worlds. Some of the best moments from Q Who include:

  • the antagonism between Q and Guinan
  • seeing the inside of the borg cube with the away team
  • seeing the cube regenerate while it pursued the Enterprise
  • Picard's admission that he needed Q's help

There is also a Borg drone/Captain Picard combo set in this line.

This figure definitely stands out from the usual action figure lines. It's a welcome change and would provide a nice contrast if displayed among other figures.

Locutus Action Figure

Every Next Generation fan remembers The Best of Both Worlds when Captain Picard became Locutus against his will. This figure celebrates the high point of TNG and the best cliffhanger in Star Trek. The first time Picard was shown after his assimilation and spoke to his old crew as a representative of the Borg was possibly the most memorable moment in The Next Generation.

This Art Asylum figure has an interchangeable arm attachment and a transporter pad-like base. Features 20 points of articulation.

Borg Cube Toy

From the first time TNG fans saw a Borg cube in season 2, its been a favorite ship of many. Perfectly efficient and seemingly indestructible, another Borg cube decimated Starfleet at Wolf 359 before being stopped by the Enterprise with Picard's help.

This is a vintage Playmates toy with sound effects. There aren't a lot of these around now.

Borg Sphere Toy

Originally seen in Star Trek First Contact, a Borg sphere is a long range tactical vessel.

This Borg sphere toy is a Collector's Edition, individually numbered. Features Borg ship sounds and light up battle damage. Also comes with a display base.

Released for First Contact, this toy is a bit of a rarity now.

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