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Star Wars Battlefront II EA is what we hoped for.

Updated on June 2, 2017
Cover image of Battlefront II
Cover image of Battlefront II | Source

It looks like Electronic Arts along with Dice have listened to the feedback given to them by the community and it really shows. The first game Battlefront EA was a huge let down to the community as it released in a bare bones state, and it eventually segmented its player base by offering a ridiculously overpriced $50.00 season pass. However, it seems like they have learned their lesson and have completely stripped out the season pass entirely from Battlefront II EA. This can only mean good things for the online multiplayer community as they can all play together without being segregated as in the first game.

When gaming companies actually listen to their customers they should be rewarded to show that this kind of behavior is what we want and expect. When they don't listen the only way to get them to change is to vote with your wallet. I believe this is what happened here with the season pass along with push back from Dice. Knowing EA and their track record they would've added another season pass. But, I'm glad to see that they're not doing it here and the fact they will give us so much is commendable.

Commander of Inferno Squad
Commander of Inferno Squad | Source

Single Player Campaign

I believe this is one of the hugest complaints given by the community as there wasn't a single player campaign of any kind in Battlefront EA. Now it looks like we're going to get a single player campaign and an interesting one at that. The story will revolve around an imperial elite forces unit called Inferno Squadron. In the reveal trailer they witness the destruction of the Death Star II and it compels them into vengeance. I believe this will be an interesting take because most Star Wars game campaigns have you play as the good guys. But. having a compelling untold solider story from the imperial perspective is a welcome change, and I look forward to playing it to see how it develops. However, single player is not the only feature they're adding to this game and below I will add a list of features from their site.

More Features

  • Expanded Multiplayer
  • Space Battles
  • Characters From Every Era
  • Split-Screen Co-Op
  • Customize and Progress

X-Wing Chasing Tie Fighter
X-Wing Chasing Tie Fighter | Source

Unlike single player being the biggest edition to Battlefront II EA space battles are making their epic return to the series. It pays homage to the original Battlefront games where you would assault capital ships as well as have fighter on fighter combat. Hopefully this will bring back the nostalgic vibe to Battlefront along with it's enhanced multiplayer. Going along with space battles they're enhancing and expanding multiplayer bring back vehicles and solider classes like the originals. This was also surprising absent in their first game so I'm glad to see them bring back classes and vehicles.

Darth Maul
Darth Maul | Source

As seen in the reveal trailer you will be able to play as Darth Maul along with multiple characters from every era. Another problem that Battlefront EA suffered is that it only had one era and had limited number of heroes. Now it looks like we will be able to play with current movie heroes such as Kylo Ren and Rey which will be awesome. Also they're surprisingly adding a hero upgrading system which will interesting. Heroes in Battlefront EA were overpowered especially Boba Fett who could use a jetpack and go on epic long killing streaks. Hopefully this new system with heroes will add some balancing mechanics to them. We shall see how upgrading heroes go but it does seem to be an interesting addition.

Another feature which is more of a functionality is a split-screen co-op mode for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. This will allow for only a two person offline co-op mode that allows you to take things online. How this works I'm not sure because there is an asterisk in the point on their website. I'm guessing this allows you to earn multiplayer points or items offline. But, like I said at this point we need to wait for more specification by EA or Dice. Lastly there's customization and progress which was sorely lacking in Battlefront EA. Customization was on the weak side there and I hope to see more customization options for us in Battlefront II EA. Progress like Hero upgrading will help us level our classes and make them more powerful. This can be good and bad depending on your point of view. However, I don't mind this form of progression if it's reasonable to obtain.

Season pass from first game.
Season pass from first game. | Source

No Season Pass

As I touched on earlier there won't be a season pass so this is good news for those who didn't want to pay for the first games season pass. I wouldn't hold my breathe though and this is just a warning there will likely be heavy micro-transactions in the game. Knowing EA they wouldn't just give up their season pass for nothing. However, with all the content they're going to add and if the micro-transactions are fair than it might not be so bad. I don't want anyone to be surprised if they find micro-transactions in this game. If they do micro-transactions for cosmetics than that's not such a bad model. I wouldn't mind it to be honest since they're giving me so much more than they did in the last game. As I said this kind of behavior should be rewarded to tell gaming companies that this is what we want from them. Also having $50.00 season pass almost the price of another game is wrong and can ruin player bases as it did in Battlefront EA. Another practice was they didn't even tell you what was in the season pass to begin with so you had no idea what that $50.00 was giving you.

Deluxe Edition
Deluxe Edition | Source

Should You Pre-Order?

While I normally don't tell people to pre-order games and tell them to wait for reviews before buying. This is probably worth the exception because Star Wars Battlefront II EA is what we wanted from the beginning, and to tell EA and Dice this is what we want in the future. They should be rewarded for them doing what the community asked and added so many missing features that they neglected to put in their first game. The only missing thing is and I hope they add it is galactic conquest. The famed mode where you could lead a certain faction to victory by conquering galaxy. It was one of the few modes that could take you hours to complete because you would gain a planet and loose a planet. While that's a minor thing I felt like adding that shouldn't stop you from considering to pre-order the game.

At least there is only two editions you can buy and both don't exceed $100.00 which is a welcomed change from the typical EA $120.00 legendary edition trend. You can order the Standard Edition for $59.99 and the Deluxe Edition for $79.99 both will give you the complete game. There are slight improvements in the Deluxe Edition such as giving you early access to the game and giving you all upgraded trooper classes along with ability perks. This does feel like a pay to win mechanic but will see. It's very similar to the situation with the Han Solo Blaster in the last game. But, I believe this will only remove some of the grinding aspects of upgrading trooper classes. You will also get exclusive looks for Kylo Ren and Rey inspired by Star Wars The Last Jedi which is cool. You will also get an epic ability modifier for Millennium Falcon which is okay nothing to fancy there.

So, If I had to choose the one to pre-order knowing myself I would likely go for the Deluxe Edition. They deserve the reward for the work they did to listen to the community and provide us with the features and content we wanted. However, I don't believe what they're offering the Deluxe Edition is worth $20.00 extra but in the end that's up to you to decide. It's at least worth you pre-ordering the standard edition to have the game. If you'res till concerned about the game just wait for more stuff to come out and wait for reviews. The game will coming out on November 17, 2017 before the New Movie so it should be good.

I just want to thank everyone who took the time to read my article and hopefully I can bring out some more articles in the future.

© 2017 Trevor James MacEwan


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