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Star Wars Birthday Party Games & Activities

Updated on June 26, 2012

Browse through fun Star Wars birthday games and activities! Hope this ideas will help you in making your party an even greater fun!

Jedi School a Fun Star Wars Party Games for the Kids

Your little guests need some basic Jedi training. The kids should be addressed young Padawans (Jedi apprentice) until they complete their training to become Jedi Masters.

You can begin the training by learning some Jedi code;

  • Jedi are the guardians of peace in the galaxy
  • They use their powers to defend and protect
  • They respect all life in all forms...

Next comes the training of the senses

If you watched Star Wars New Hope (IV) you remember Luke Skywalker being blindfolded and using his senses reflect laser shots (from the training ball) with his sword. This training party game is based on that scene.

Equip the kid with a lightsaber (or a stick) and with a blindfold. Have various objects (water balloons, paper cups, dolls, cans, whatever you find suitable) placed around the kid on different heights (on stools, tables, on a string hanging from a ceiling...). Have the kid knock those objects out with his sword in order to pass this part of the test - other guests can help guide the kid to the next object.

Lightsaber Training

Have the kids duel with lightsabres (plastic or even better foam ones).

Obstacle course

This can be a fun birthday party game as it is active and kids usually love active games. Make a Jedi boot camp course. Make Star Wars themed obstacles - stormtroopers, laser beams (cardboard or rope),..)

Use The Force Game

This is a laughter game. Pair up the kids. Kids in a pair stand one against the other (facing each other) and have to put one thumb on the others person chin. They have to stare each other in the eyes the whole time. The one that laughs first loses. While the game lasts kids are not allowed to speak or make noises but they can do funny faces.

Star Wars Death Star Pinata

You can purchase many different kind of Star Wars pinatas (Darth Vader, Stormtrooper...) but by far the coolest is certainly the Death Star pinata which you can make yourself!

You will need a large round balloon, old newspaper, paper mache paste (you can make it out of water and flour, water and white glue...), grey and black colors, string scissors and duck tape.

How to make a pinata tutorial

Example of a fun coloring page
Example of a fun coloring page | Source

Star Wars Activities

Kids also love simple themed activities such as coloring pages, drawing sheets, simple puzzle games, word find and such.

The internet is swarming with these but your best (and most quality) bet is to snatch the freebies at Star Wars official site (get the printable activities). Not to mention they also have printable masks.

Pin the X-wing to the Death Star

Pin the tail on the donkey with a Star Wars twist!

Print out a big image (or just draw it) of Death Star. Also print out or draw numerous X-wing fighter (a kind of a space ship in the movie). Have the blindfolded kids try their best to pin the X wing fighter on to the Death Star and destroy it!

Crash the Tie Fighters!

Print out some Tie Fighters (enemy star ships) and hang them on a thread (outside). Equip the kids with water guns filled with colored water (use food coloring) - have them shoot the tie fighters with their "laser" water guns.

Star Wars Board Games

Sometimes board games are all that you need, especially if your guests are a little bit older. There are quite a few fun board games available that more people can play at the same time.


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