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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Greedo, a must-have for any Dark Side squad.

Updated on February 16, 2016
Who Shot First?
Who Shot First?

How to unlock Greedo on Galaxy of Heroes

To unlock Greedo, you need quite a bit of patience, and you also need to have unlocked the Squad Arena (I think you unlock this game mode at around level 12). The only way to unlock Greedo on Galaxy of Heroes is by collecting character shards from the Squad Arena shipments. You need to collect a total of 25 Greedo shards in order to unlock him. But to experience how good Greedo actually is, you need to keep farming those shards until you can raise him to 5 stars.

5 Greedo shards cost 400 Arena tokens, and once you've bought 5 you have to wait 6 hours for the shipments to refresh, OR spend 50 gems to refresh the shipments instantly.

Total cost of unlocking Greedo:

  • 25 Character Shards
  • This equates to 2000 Arena tokens.
  • Plus 200 gems (if you're planning on refreshing shipments over and over)

My experience with Greedo

I unlocked Greedo simply because I like him as a character. I feel he was very hard-done-by in the films, but suspected he would be a formidable bounty hunter. I had no other reasons or motives for unlocking him; my squad was already well structured and I was happy with it as a whole.

Unlocking Greedo was a game-changer. The thing that I immediately noticed was Greedo's sheer power. He was dealing far more damage than most of my main squad members and I hadn't begun to upgrade him. So obviously the first thing I did was upgrade all of his Gear, his Level and his Star-rating. Currently, Greedo is 5 star, Level 58, Gear Level 8. He's now the best attacker in my squad! The only issue I have with him is his defence and health - they aren't that great. But I combat this by using Luminara and Jedi Consular for their healing abilities and Chewbacca for his taunt ability. You can check out how important it is to have a decent healer and tank on your team by reading this Hub: 3 Must-Have Characters.

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Greedo's Attacks and Abilities

Greedo has two different attacks, and as usual they're categorised as 'Basic' and 'Special'. We'll cover them both here, as well as discussing his abilities, categorised as 'Leader' and 'Unique'.

  • Basic attack: 'Who Shot First?'
    I'm a huge fan of the name of this attack. 'Who Shot First?' is the ultimate nod to the original trilogy, and George Lucas' loathed releases of A New Hope with added CGI. As well as being named after one of the most infamous questions of the Star Wars fan universe, it's also an incredibly good attack. I've upgraded this attack to level 5, and its current description is this: 'Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 30% chance to gain Evasion Up for 2 turns.' Wow, I don't actual know about that Evasion Up part! I can say from experience, that this attack will usually deal around 1600 damage. This is already a high-damage dealing attack, but combined with his Unique ability (discussed below), you can cause some serious damage, and sometimes even 1 hit K.O's!

  • Special attack: Thermal Detonator
    Thermal Detonator is an equally good attack, but I often overlook it in favour of Who Shot First?. Thermal Detonator attaches bombs to all enemies (or at least tries to...), exploding after 2 turns with a 25% chance for Greedo to gain 25% Turn Meter. I would suggest using this as a last stand. If you know Greedo's about to kick the bucket, then get him to chuck some thermals at your enemies before he goes! This attack is a massive damage dealer and usually takes off a quarter to one third of enemies' health bars. The key problem with this attack, though, is that it is often resisted.

  • Leader ability: Ambuscade
    I don't use Greedo as my squad leader. I'm working towards unlocking Boba Fett and Darth Sidious to use as a new squad leader - I want the increased Critical Chance (you'll understand why by checking out Greedo's unique ability). Ambuscade essentially makes scoundrel allies deal more damage with they inflict a Critical Hit. This is pointless if you don't have any Scoundrel allies, nor cause regular Critical Hits!

  • Unique ability: If at First You Don't Succeed
    Currently at Level 5 on my game, this ability provides Greedo an extra 5% Critical Chance and a 45% chance to attack again whenever he does score a Critical Hit. This is awesome. I've had a number of 1 hit K.O's thanks to this ability. With a Critical Hit, Greedo often deals about 3000 damage on my Galaxy of Heroes game, with all of his upgrades. And if he's successful at being able to attack again, thanks to this ability, he often deals another Critical Hit, again at 3000 damage. That's 6000 damage from one move!

Overall I rate Greedo's attacks and abilities very highly. I love his unique ability and am actually restructuring my squad around causing more critical hits, so I can let Greedo loose with his multiple attacks. If you already have characters whose leader abilities cause more frequent critical, I would highly advise trying Greedo out in your squad.

Who Shot First? Han Shoots First

Who Shot First? Greedo Shoots First

Character Summary

Overall I think Greedo is an extremely powerful attacker, and is certainly a character to consider adding to your quad if you're lacking firepower. His basic attack deals all the damage you need, you don't actually need his second attack! However, it does act as a great 'last hurrah' if Greedo's on his last legs. The key weaknesses I've found in Greedo are his defence and health. Although they aren't as bad as those of characters such as Count Dooku, Darth Sidious and IG-88.

I would definitely recommend at least trying Greedo out. He doesn't cost all that much to unlock and you can actually unlock him in less than a day if you use the purple gems. He would be a great addition to a squad looking for a new attacker. But just make sure you keep him covered by using a tank with a taunt attack, and keep his health topped up with a decent healer.

Further SWGoH Tips & Tricks

Here are a couple more Hubs on Galaxy of Heroes to wet your appetite. Take a browse through them as there are some pretty helpful tips here!

Character Rating

4 stars for Greedo

The real Question is...

Who Shot First?

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