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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Where is Yoda?

Updated on February 16, 2016
SWGoH loading screen featuring Yoda
SWGoH loading screen featuring Yoda | Source

Where is Yoda on Galaxy of Heroes?

Many gamers are asking the question: Where is Yoda? on Galaxy of Heroes. There has been a lot of speculation about when and where we can unlock him as a playable character on the new mobile Star Wars game, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

In this article we'll talk about the suggested ways to unlock Yoda on Galaxy of Heroes, and when we think he'll be available to fight with and/or against.

So far, we've learned that Darth Vader can only be unlocked by completing achievements, which has led many to believe that Yoda character shards will soon replace the current Darth Vader character shards you receive for completing in-game achievements.

Yoda on SWGoH Loading Screen

Not only has the lack of Yoda disappointed many of the game's most frequent users, but it has confused them too. Yoda appears on the loading screen on Galaxy of Heroes and so would be expected to make an appearance within the game - with users being able to battle with or against him. So far, this does not appear to be the case.

This leads us to the question: Why is Yoda on the SWGoH loading screen?

The obvious answer is that he will appear in a future update.

SWGoH: Yoda in next update?

Will Yoda be in SWGoH?
Will Yoda be in SWGoH? | Source

SWGoH Level 60 cap update

Galaxy of Heroes recently announced that the level 60 cap would be lifted in an update. Last week this update was released, and players are now able to continue and progress their player level to above level 60. We do not know what the new cap is, but are assuming it is level 70.

It's also clear that there are a lot more game modes still to be released - as shown by the silhouette of the Millennium Falcon in the Cantina (the home screen of the game). It may be that Yoda will be unlocked by completing one of these currently unavailable game modes in SWGoH.

Alternatively he may be unlocked by reaching Level 70 - or even 100. Other possibilities include having to complete the whole Light side or Dark side story - or both!

Which Yoda will be in SWGoH?

Let's assume that Yoda will as some point be available on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Will we see the old and cooky original version, or will we see the heavily CGI'd prequel version?

Our guess is the prequel version. As with many of the characters on SWGoH, there is a very cartoon-like look to them. This is likely simply due to many of these sprites being modelled on characters from the Star Wars animated series: The Clone Wars. Ashoka Tano, Asajj Ventress and Ima Gun Di for example, played no role in the original and prequel films (except the latter's brief appearance in Attack of the Clones). It's our guess that Yoda will be based on an animated, prequel version, rather than the original.

Prequel or original version?

Will Yoda be included in the next Galaxy of Heroes update?
Will Yoda be included in the next Galaxy of Heroes update? | Source

Will he be a strong character?

Without a doubt, everyone would be hugely disappointed if, after such a long wait, Yoda turns out to be absolutely useless in a Galaxy of Heroes squad. Personally, I would expect a strong, force-based second attack - hopefully Force Push or something similar. In terms of his basic attack, it will likely be a swift lightsaber hit. All in all I think we can expect Yoda to be a very powerful addition to any squad in SWGoH.

Will Yoda have a leader ability in SWGoH?

The question as to whether Yoda will have a leader ability or unique ability is a brilliant one. Considering Yoda was one of the highest ranking Jedi of the Jedi Order, I would expect an amazing leader ability. A realistic leader ability would be one that transforms Yoda in to a character with strong Jedi synergies and I would hold that it is either a huge offense increase (like Darth Vader) or a significant counter attack chance (like Ima Gun Di).

I would also expect Yoda, like Vader, to have a massive, high-damage third attack. I would not expect any of his attacks to be multi-target, but I would hope that his third is a high damage dealer.

Unlock Yoda we must: The best quotes

One horrible possibility

One possibility is that Yoda will only be available through buying a character pack. Yoda may be available only to those willing to pay a premium for the opportunity. I think this would be an awfully bad decision and one that will seriously annoy fans and current users. However, from a business point of view, it's the obvious move.

What do you think? Vote on our poll below and let us know your thoughts on how you think Yoda will be unlocked!

How will we get Yoda on SWGoH?

See results

Update: We got Yoda!

We finally got the chance to unlock Yoda this month, with a new 'Event' in which you must beat a number of stages using full Jedi squads. Have you got Yoda yet?

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