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Star Wars The Old Republic Class Overview: Imperial Agent and Smuggler (Pre 3.0)

Updated on March 3, 2015

Example Progression for Agents

The Agent and The Smuggler

These classes are suave and slick, specializing in espionage, long range takedowns, and swift assassinations. They can assail enemies from behind cover, or stealthily dispatch foes in close quarters.

The Agent makes use of a blaster rifle, various shivs, and high tech gadgets. While the Smuggler opts for a blaster pistol, makeshift explosives, and finesse. The Advanced classes for this set are the long range power houses Sniper and Gunslinger, and the versatile Scoundrel and Operative.

A Gunslinger using Wounding Shots

Lethality/ Dirty Fighting

These shared trees specialize in dealing damage over time through the utilization of poisons and bleeds. This spec gives the agent or smuggler access to an AoE damage-over-time ability called Corrosive Grenade/Shrap Bomb. Tossing one of these will apply a potent DoT to 5 enemies, something very few abilities in the game are capable of. The spec's DoTs synergize with a move called Weakening Blast/Hemorrhaging Blast which deals a small amount of damage up front at no cost and applies a 10 stack debuff that increases the damage of the players next ten ticks of poison/bleed. The final and arguably most important ability for a Lethality/ Dirty Fighting specced player is Cull/ Wounding Shots. It's a channeled stream of blaster bolts that deals extra damage based on the number of DoTs the player has on his or her target.

I recommend these trees for anyone who wants a relatively simple rotation, with a high damage payout. Or anyone who enjoys playing a class centered around damage-over-time


As mentioned above, these classes are ranged damage dealing powerhouses. The only classes in the game to have a base range of 35 meters; they deploy mobile cover to protect against ranged attacks and gap closing abilities(force leap, grapple, etc.), making them a pain for both melee and ranged characters to deal with.

As with the Sith Marauder and Jedi Sentinel, the Gunslinger and Sniper deal solely in damage. The Sniper, very obviously, wields a sniper rifle while the Gunslinger prefers dual blaster pistols. Like all advanced classes they possess two unique skill trees. Marksmanship/Sharpshooter for reliable burst damage, and Engineering/Saboteur for exceptional AoE capabilities.

A Marksmanship Sniper Cycles through his Ability Rotation


If AoE is your style of play then these trees are for you. While still proficient in single target situations, the use of Plasma Probe/Incendiary Grenade and Orbital Strike/XS Freighter Flyby makes this spec ideal for most AoE situations. The moderate damage of Orbital Strike/XS Freighter Flyby and the high elemental damage of Plasma Probe/Incendiary Grenade will melt through almost any group of mobs.

When you need a more focused approach for single target these trees have Interrogation Probes/Shock Charges for consistent damage over time. You may also spec to allow for empowered Series of Shots/Speed Shots and Explosive Probes/Sabotage Charges.

I highly recommend this tree for any and all situations that call for AoE damage, or for anyone who just enjoys playing it.


These trees are for those who want feel like the quintessential sniper. They deal extremely high damage in very few shots by utilizing attacks with high cast times such as Snipe/Quick Shot and Ambush/Aimed Shot, and following these moves with the instant damage of Followthrough/Trickshot. They also use a devastating channeled ability called Series of Shots/Speed Shot. The final ability Marksmanship Snipers and Sharpshooter Gunslingers will have access to is called Sniper Volley/Burst Volley. These moves finish the cooldown on Series of Shots/Speed Shot, increase energy regeneration by 2, and increase alacrity by 10%. While this may seem relatively innocuous, it allows Series of Shots/Speed Shots to be cast twice in a row, and the increase in alacrity causes all of your moves to channel, cast, and deal damage at a faster rate.

These trees are viable in both PVP and PVE. The burst damage it offers will decimate enemy players in warzones, and proper cooldown management can provide for reliable and consistent damage in raid scenarios. I recommend this tree for anyone who likes burst damage and the "one shot one kill" aesthetic.


Operatives and Scoundrels are, in my opinion, one of the most interesting classes in Star Wars The Old Republic. If specced to deal damage they are a primarily melee class, despite their weapons, blaster rifle and pistol, being ranged. Concealment/Scrapper players will focus primarily on stealthily assassinating foes with devastating amounts of burst damage. Even more interesting the Operative/Scoundrel can be played as a support class. By playing the Medicine/Sawbones tree players will keep their allies alive with an array of healing abilites. Both specs will need to manage a new resource unique to the class called Tactical Advantage/Upper Hand, which is required to cast some abilities.


The Medicine and Sawbones are, for the most part, a straightforward healing tree. Focusing on Heal over time abilities, or HoTs. The tree is easy to pick up and makes for one of the most efficient healers in the game.

Your main focus when playing this spec should be keeping your HoTs ticking on allies at all times, the more big green numbers the better. The healing abilities you will receive are as follows; Kolto Injection/Underworld Medicine for a high energy consuming burst heal, Kolto Infusion/Kolto Pack a move that heals for a base amount then places a HoT on its target, a stacking HoT called Kolto Probe/Slow-release Medpac, an instant heal called Surgical Probe/Emergency Medpac, a channeled heal that also restores energy called Diagnostic Scan, and finally an AoE called Recuperative Nanotech/Kolto Cloud that will place a HoT on affected players.

Its difficult to say how to correctly use these abilities, seeing as it varies so greatly depending on the situation, so my only advice here is use your best judgement. As for PvP vs PvE these trees will perform exceptionally well in both.

A Scoundrel Heals a Warzone


Players who spec into these trees should expect to do extremely well in PvP combat. The idea is to be able to pop out of stealth and kill an enemy before they have time to react. This is a very active play style and will require a lot of repositioning to be effective, as a few of the abilities in your rotation will require you to be behind your target.

The player will be able to stun-lock enemies by using moves such as Hidden Strike/Shoot First, which root enemies if specced correctly, and Debilitate/Dirty Kick, which will stun for a short duration. Following these moves with Backstab/Back Blast, Shiv/Blaster Whip, and a flurry of Lacerates/Sucker Punches will almost surely kill any player enemy. As for PvE, concealment and scrapper do respectable damage, but tend to be outclassed by Leathality/Dirty Fighing players.

Therefore I recommend this spec for PvP, but caution against using it for PvE purposes.

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© 2014 Devin


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