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Star and Solar System Stage Index - Solar 2 Guide

Updated on November 8, 2013
Solar 2
Solar 2

This guide continues the walkthrough of the game Solar 2, covering the various missions, achievements and progression tips relevant to the various Star stages of the game. The Star Stage encompasses several sub-stages, namely Small Star, Medium Star, Large Star, Neutron Star and solar systems which can be comprised of one or many stars along with orbiting planets.

  1. Betrayal Achievement
  2. Solar System Building.
    +Supremacy and Overcrowding Achievement
  3. Brethren Missions 1-3
  4. Duel Missions 1-3
    +Hobo Star Achievement
  5. Heist Missions 1-3
    + I Got This and Get Lost Achievements
  6. Invader Missions 1-3
  7. Final Boss
    + The Entity Achievement
  8. Elite and Grind Star Achievements
  9. Star Challenge Missions
    Dark Dodger + Getaway Again + Snowball Fight (w Snowflake Star Achievement)
  10. Multi-Star Challenge Missions
    Chaos Duel + Planet Stealer (w Master Thief Achievement)

If you are looking for additional guides for this video game you can find links below to the other stage indexes which hold more information and links to guides specific to those stages of existence.

Small Star to Black Hole Progression

The concept behind reaching the Black Hole stage as quickly as possible, forgoing the options of building up a multi-star system or 10 planet solar system, is to rapidly consume as much planet mass as possible. The method behind doing so is much like in the Planet stage with some key differences.

Gaining mass as a Star

Instead of now capturing asteroids to consume for mass you will need to capture planets, while more sparse, are easier to capture than asteroids are for planets. This is mainly due to their slower relative speeds compared to your star and the gravity well you possess than can be used to capture them effectively.

Life Planets will of course offer the most mass upon consumption but can be beneficial by also shielding your star while you go about growing larger. You will need at least 2 Life Planets with at least 3 turrets on each before the shield becomes active over your star.

Finally the one important note is that keeping your solar system small will allow you to find more free floating planets as growing a large solar system will cause larger objects like yours to spawn and less smaller objects like lone planets. Also make sure you don’t spawn a second star by consuming too much asteroid mass on one of your planets, unless going for the betrayal achievement below.

Unlocking the Betrayal Achievement upon collapsing a dual star system into a black hole.
Unlocking the Betrayal Achievement upon collapsing a dual star system into a black hole.

Betrayal Achievement

Shown in the video below, the process in unlocking the Betrayal achievement in Solar 2 is much the same as growing a single star system to a black hole but just takes twice as long to do. Mass consumed is always evenly split between your stars with whichever one is the smallest having the priority in consuming the next planet. In other words there is no way to turn a neutron star into a black hole while you still have a Small Star or other smaller star as it will consume all the planets you eat until it is of equal size or larger.

One other challenge besides just having to consume more mass is the additional Life Planets you need to maintain a shield around your stars. A good way to determine how many life planets you need for Star Shields is to take the number of turrets currently on all your orbiting planets and divide that number by 6 and round it down. The number you get is the maximum amount of stars that can be shielded meaning 12 turrets across all your planets are required for a dual star system shield.

Betrayal Achievement – Solar 2 Video Guide

Fighting off attacking vessels in the Invader levels in Solar 2.
Fighting off attacking vessels in the Invader levels in Solar 2.

Invader Missions

The invader levels in Solar 2 are somewhat similar to the Nomad Love missions you faced as a planet, this time around facing larger amounts of forces that come in waves. The strategies for these group of missions is the same for each, with the only difference between the levels being a progressively larger amount of ships to deal with.

Generally speaking, you can spawn as a max life solar system, which you should have saved from use in the other missions and solar system building walkthroughs, and just duke it out with the aliens that attack you using your lifeform spaceships and turrets.

One important tactic is to always move around when a new wave shows up, as they typically gang up on a single one of your planets. You want to dart around to break up the attackers and get them interested in your spaceships versus your planets to avoid losing the extra life spawned by it. You can also try to get them interested in any nearby hostile solar systems or Life Planets. Other than that, the tactics here are pretty simple and straightforward.

*This mission group is part of the index due to its relative simplicity in explanation.

Invader Missions - Solar 2 Video Guide


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