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Star Trek Attack Wing

Updated on May 10, 2015

Star Trek Attack Wing

Pictures taken by me for my own use
Pictures taken by me for my own use

Star Trek Attack Wing

Star Trek Attack Wing brings you many of your favorite ships, captains, and crew to the tabletop in a miniature space battle format. Engage in fleet battles or do missions, with or against such factions as The Federation, The Borg, The Klingons, The Romulans, The Cardassians, The Dominion, The Breen, and many more.

Battle in the Gamma, the Delta, or the Alpha quadrant, or defend the station against its many enemies. Choose and play your favorite factions or build a fleet from the several unaffiliated factions and conquer your opponent as well the quadrant.

Star Trek Attack Wing Page Summary:

  • What is Star Trek Attack Wing?
  • How to Play Star Trek Attack Wing?
  • The Starter Set
  • The Expansions
  • Final Thoughts

Star Trek Attack Wing Review

What is Star Trek Attack Wing?

Star Trek Attack Wing is a tabletop tactical space combat miniatures games based off of the Flightpath System. Basically your building a fleet, and doing space battles with star trek miniatures on the tabletop. To build your fleet you can use one or a combination of your favorite Star Trek factions. Star Trek Attack Wing not only includes all of the more popular faction, but has increasingly added many of the more obscure factions as well.

You build a fleet, or armada if you will on a point system 100 points, 200 points, 300 points, or whatever both you and your opponent will come to an agreement on. Everything you decide to put into your fleet costs points, from the captains, the crew, the ships, and the upgrades you choose to include. Most if not all upgrade cards are factions specific, but some may still be able to add to your fleet at a greater costs.

Star Trek Attack Wing Battle

How to Play Star Trek Attack Wing?

The Planning Phase:

In the planning phase each player chooses a maneuver for each of his ships and locks in down into the maneuver dial. You may chooses any type of maneuver according to what movement your ship is capable of making.

When executing a maneuver you have to keep in mind three factors your speed, your bearing, and the difficulty,or stress it will pose on your ship. Also keep in mind the size of the board, or play area is only 3 * 3 it would be tragic to lose a ship for going out of bounds.

The Activation Phase:

One at a time, going by the ship with the lowest captain skill each player will reveal their turn dial and using a movement template resolve their move. If the player executed a red maneuver add an auxiliary token from his ship. If the player executed a green maneuver remove an auxiliary token from his ship.

The Combat Phase:

Starting with the highest captain skill this time. Each player will declare a target, and checking to see if they are within their range and firing arc of the other player. Both the attacking player, and the defending will roll an amount of dice based on their range,and any modifiers added during the planning phase. Damage is then resolved.

The End Phase:

Each player removes any unused tokens. All disable shield are restored.

The game is won when only one player has remaining ships, or the victory conditions on the scenario is met.

The Starter Set

The Star Trek Attack Wing Starter Set has all the components that make up this incredible game. Everything you need to start playing a game comes in this starter set. Star Trek Attack Wing Starter Set comes complete with one ship and crew of three different factions the Federation, the Klingon, and the Romulans. You can play right away against up to three players, or use one of the scenarios provide and learn how to play that way.

U.S.S Entrerprise

Pictures taken by me for my own use
Pictures taken by me for my own use

The Federation:

Pilot the U.S.S Enterprise-D with you choice of Captains Jean-Luc Picard, or William T. Riker. Your choice of crew for the Enterprise-D can be Worf, Miles O'Brien, Geordi La Forge, and Data.

Characters of note for this faction:

Captain Picard who has a great ability in which you can perform any free action.

Worf allows you to re-roll your entire attack roll. This can be advantageous in used correctly.

Miles O'Brien allows you to disable any upgrades on another ship range 1-3

Klingon Ship

Pictures taken by me for my own use
Pictures taken by me for my own use

The Klingons:

Pilot the I.K.S. Maht-h'A with captain Nu'Daq, and crew Klag, and Konmel.

Character of note for this faction:

Captain Nu'Daq let you convert 1 battle stations token into a hit.

Konmel allows you to repair 1 shield when not cloaked.

Romulan Ship

Pictures taken by me for my own use
Pictures taken by me for my own use

The Romulans:

Pilot the I.R.W. Khazara with Captain Toreth, and crew Brochra, and N'Vek.

Character of note for this faction:

Captain Toreth allows you to convert a damage into a critical damage.

N'Vek allows you to disable 1 active shield to add + 1 attack die this round.

The Movement Dial:

At the start of the round each player makes a decision on what maneuver his ships are going to take, and locks that choice in on the movement dial. Movement indicated in red signifies turns that causes stress on your ships. Green signifies an extremely simple maneuver, and white signifies a standard maneuver.

The Movement Templates:

The movement template is there to guide you in whatever movement you have chosen for your ship. Whether you chose to move straight ahead, turn right or left, bank, or turn about the movement templates are used to help you move your ships according to the chose you made on the movement dial.

The Missions:

Some missions have been include into the starter set, and some of the expansion set afterwards. These missions are totally optional scenarios for everyone who wishes to play them. Everyone is of course free to play in whatever manner they wish, but the mission can add a certain flavor, and edge to the Star Trek Attack Wing Game.

The Ship Upgrades:

The ship upgrades can be anything from photon torpedoes, to maneuvering thrusters, to volley of torpedoes, and everything in between that is relevant to the Star Trek universe. Also as I has mention above a lot of the ship upgrades are faction specific. You can build your fleet in any manner that you chose to. All the upgrades you decide to include will matter in how the game play will develop, and will have a deciding factor on whether you will win or lose.

The Expansions:

There have been many expansions for the Star Trek Attack Wing Game. Some of the more popular one include the Borg, and the Dominion. Up to now you have plenty of choices for which factions to play. You can build a fleet according to your favorite factions, or make one up for unaffiliated faction, or may choose to mix and match, the option is yours.

Final Thoughts

For me Star Trek Attack Wing is a game I wish was available to me when I was growing up. Although their wasn't many version of Star Trek growing up, it still would have been nice to have as a game, or at least a similar version of it. I know I would have had just as a great of time playing Star Trek Attack Wing when I was a boy as I would now.

My two favorite faction to play are the Borg, and the Dominion. The Borg has a tremendous advantage to its ships in that its shields have the capability to regenerate quickly, While the Dominion has in it serial many little tricks including the Ability to not be attack, or as cards that can ignore your enemies shields all together. Both can be a lot of fun to play , and rely a lot on strategy.

Whatever factions you choose to play I know you will have a lot of fun experimenting, and finding which captains, and crew work best together according to you style of game play.

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