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Star Trek Catan Review

Updated on April 22, 2015

Star Trek Catan Board Game


Star Trek Catan Review

I really enjoyed Settlers of Catan when it first came out, and also most, but not all of its following expansion. Some of the expansions really served to bring about a different dynamic to the game, But nothing compares to finding out that they made a Star Trek themed Catan especially if you are a huge fan of the original series. I had first found out about this game watching Tabletop on the Geek And Sundry Channel. I was really great to see Jery Ryan and Wil Wheaton Both of whom played characters in different spin offs of the original Star Trek Series to play that particular board Game.

Star Trek Catan Review

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Star Trek Catan Page Summary:

  • What is Star Trek Catan?
  • How to Play Star Trek Catan?
  • Game Components of Star Trek Catan
  • Star Trek Federation Space Expansion
  • Final Thought

Star Trek Catan Review

What is Star Trek Catan?

Star Trek Catan is an original series Star Trek themed board game of the popular Settler of Catan, the basic game play is identical to the vanilla Settlers board game only some of the component have changed to reflect a Star Trek theme. One of the major changes in this game is the addition of support cards. Each support card depicts a member of the original Star Trek cast such as Captain Kirk, Scotty, and Sulu. The addition of the support card has made a great difference in how this game is played. You can now really hose one of your opponents, or get out of a sticky situation depending one what character you have availlable.

Some of the changes in the components of Star Trek Catan are the resources instead of having the usual sheep,wheat, ore, brick, and wood, they have been changed to oxygen, Dilithiium, Tritanium, food and water. The roads have now been replaced with starship. Settlements are now called outposts. Cities are now called Starbases, and the robber has been replaced with a Klingon vessel. The same rules applies to all above mentioned components. If you are accustomed to playing the original Settlers some of these changes can be a little confusing at first.

Star Trek Catan Contents

  • 2 (1D6) dice
  • 6 Frame pieces
  • 19 Hexagonal Sector Tiles
  • 2 Special Cards
  • 4 Building Cost Cards
  • 18 Number Tokens
  • 60 Starships
  • 28 Outpost
  • 89 Stands for Ships and Outpost
  • 1 Klingon Ship
  • 95 Resource Cards
  • 25 Development Cards
  • 10 Support Cards
  • 1 Rulesheet
  • Almanac

Star Trek Catan Playtrough

How to Play Star Trek Catan?

Players can set up the board according to the way described in the rule sheet, or may want to setup the board in any mater of their choosing. Each player takes a turn to place down one starship and one oupost, and then performs this same action again, only this time they will receive resources in accordance to where they placed their oupost. Once this step is completed, the game progresses following this four actions.

Rolling the Dice

During a players turn he or she rolls two dice. The number rolled corresponds with the number on the board attributed to that resources. Any player who has an outpost, or starbases adjacent to the resource will receive that resource, this is provided that there isn't a Klingon vessel on that resources. If this is the cases then that player is considered blocked and receives no resources.

The Trading Round (Optional)

During the trade phase a player has several trading options available to them. They may try to trade with another player, this is sometime met with marginal success. They may also trade with the bank at a rate of 4 to 1 ratio. This should be only done when it is really necessary to do so.The last option that the player has is to trade one particular resource at the rate of 2 to 1 ratio, and that is only if they are fortunate enough to be near a space station. In this version of the game some of the support cards may also be able to help you with acquiring your much needed resource.

The Building Phase

On a players turn, that player may turn in an appropriate amount of resources to purchase any number of things. Outpost will serve to expand your growth in this galaxy. Starship will keep your outpost, and starbases connected, and serve has a means of a supply line. Development cards can be purchased to earn you victory points.

Using Support Cards Phase (Optional)

During this phase the player has the option of using the special ability of a certain character. Each support cards has one unique special ability depending on the character depicted on them. Support cards can be used only once per turn, and can be used to a maximum of two times before having to be replaced with another character in the pool. You are not able to play a character that's has just been traded from the pool right away.

Object of the game

In order to win Star Trek Catan you will have to be the first player to obtain a score of ten victory points during the course of your turn. Reaching ten victory points can be done in several different ways. Your score total is added according to the number of outpost, starbases, victory points cards, and special cards you own at end of your turn.

Star Trek Catan Board Game


Game Components of Star Trek Catan

Here are some of the Game Components of Star Trek Catan that make up the game.

Special Cards

The Longest Supply Run

The longest supply run is equivalent to the longest road in the original settlers game. This is given throughout the course of game to the player who has the longest chain of starships. Much like the longest road, the player with this special card is awarded one victory point.

The Largest Starfleet

The largest Starfleet is equivalent to the largest army in the vanilla game. This is given throughout the course of game to the player who has the largest starfleet. Also worth two victory point.

The Starships

The starships are the equivalent to the roads in Settlers of Catan. The player who has the most of these get awarded the largest starfleet. The same rules apply for roads two is needed between every outpost.

The Outpost and Starbase

The Outpost and Starbases are the same as the Cities and Settlements. Outpost and Starbases and all worth none point. The same rule applies you get one resource for every outpost near a resource and more if you built a starbase.

Klingon Ship


The Klingon Ship

The Kliongon ship starts out in the asteroid field. The Klingon ship plays the same role as the robber. When someone rolls a seven the Klingon ship get moved anywhere on the board that player would like, and that player gets to steal a resource from anyone. Any player with more than seven cards in his or her hand at the time of the roll, must discard down to four.

Resource Cards

The resource cards have been changed to give this game a more Star Trekky theme.The resource cards now depict Dilithium, Tritanium, Oxygen, Food, and Water. The resource cards can be traded with other players, and there is also the opportunity to exchange some of these resources with some the character support cards.

The Development Cards

The development card consist of victory points, progress cards, and Starfleet Intervenes cards. All development cards can only be purchased with resource cards during you turn. Starfleet Intervenes cards serve the same purpose as the largest army. The first player to play three Starfleet Intervenes will receives the Largest Starfleet special card.

The Support Cards

The support cards all depict one of the cast of the original Star Trek each of the support cards all have a unique special ability witch can help you in certain situations during game play. Each Role card can be used twice and then traded in for another in the pool. The Character of Uhura can force a player to trade resource with you. Captain Kirk protects from losing some of your resources when a seven is rolled.

Star Trek Catan Federation Space

Star Trek Federation Space Expansion

Star Trek Federation Space expansion consist of two maps depicting the known Federation Space.

These are static maps which no longer require you to place resource tiles or number on the board.

Some minor changes to the rules of the game include:

Outpost and Starbases can only be built at designated areas on the maps.

Starships can only be placed on lines, if no lines exist then a starship cannot be placed there.

Red lines on the maps signify that there is a spacestations located near by.

Victory points tokens have also been placed on the maps. The victory point token can only be gained if you built a starship to that location.

Star Trek Federation Space Contents

  • 2 Maps Depicting Federation Space
  • 4 Individual Scoring Tracks
  • 4 Sets of Scoring Markers
  • 18 Victory Points Tokens
  • Almanac

Final Thoughts

I feel that if it wasn't for the support cards character added in this Star trek Catan the game would have felt like just a copy Settlers with a Star Trek theme pasted on. The addition of the Support Cards completely change some of the dynamic of the game, and provides you with more chances to obtain an advantage that seemed lacking from its vanilla counterpart. With the support cards you can now be safe from the Klingon ship with Captain Kirk, Change a resource to another with Scotty, and Force your opponent to trade a resource with you with LT Uhura. These and a lot more can be done depending on the character you choose to have in your corner.

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