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Starcraft 2 Baneling Bombing

Updated on November 27, 2011

What is Baneling Bombing?

Baneling Bombing is a Starcraft 2 technique for Zerg of dropping Banelings from Overlords onto enemy units so they explode immediately upon landing. Baneling Bombing is part of a larger unit composition strategy that takes effect once the Zerg player can research all the required tech, usually not until the 10 minute mark in any game.

Required upgrades/buildings

  • Baneling Nest
  • Lair
  • Overlord Speed (Pneumatized Carapace)
  • Overlord Transport (Ventral Sacs)
  • Melee Attack Upgrades (helps to kill workers and marines in 1 shot)

How to Baneling Bomb

  • Load 2-3 overlords with Banelings
  • Send an additional 2-3 empty Overlords along to act as decoys
  • Move overlords over top of your target(s)
  • Hold D and click on the overlord(s) you want to drop a baneling from. Each click drops 1 baneling.

A Simple Baneling Bombing Tutorial

Tips on Baneling Bombing

  • Hotkey all the overlords.
  • Send them past the area you want to bomb, so you don't have to move them to safety later.
  • If you select one of them to have him veer off to hit a different target (like if the other player marine-splits), you will need your hotkey to reselect overlords for click-bombing
  • Give unload command to all of them directly behind the units you want to drop on (this is so that even if you aren't fast enough to do the technique for each overlord, they will still unload)
  • When you want to start dropping, quickly select each overlord and give it an unload command on itself.

Mineral Lines and Other Harassment

  • If you are going to drop his mineral line, it looks less suspicious if you only use 1 overlord, but 1-2 turrets (depending on placement) will kill you before you can drop.
  • 2 banelings and 4 zerglings for cleanup can do a lot of damage (4 banelings and 8 Zerglings is better, with 2 Overlords)
  • Try the triple-threat: Infestors, Banelings, Zerglings.
  • Extra tricky: burrow the Infestors (away from turrets) for later harassment, while your "first wave" does damage.


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