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Starcraft 2 Infestors

Updated on May 8, 2012


When you're playing Starcraft 2 as Zerg, Infestors are both a great boon and an annoying one-shot weapon. When devising a Zerg strategy that includes Infestors, you have to keep in mind that they are no substitute for having a real army, since their energy is limited, and they don't fight until they are dead - they fight until they run out of energy, and then just mill around.

And yet... Infestors are great for harassment, support, and they are the only Zerg unit that gives an area-of-effect attack (AOE). Having a few Infestors sprinkled in to a regular army can really help turn the tide of the battle.

Infestor... with gooey trail.  Ew.
Infestor... with gooey trail. Ew. | Source

Infestor Statistics and Profile

The Infestor's profile is as follows:

  • Health = 90
  • Energy Max = 200
  • Armor = 0 (benefits from Carapace upgrades)
  • Movement Speed = 2.25 (2.92 on creep)

Some players complain that the Infestor is so visually large, that it makes a much easier target than the other races' caster units, such as the Ghost or High Templar. This fact is unfortunately true, except that Infestors can also burrow to reduce their profile and hide themselves.

The only spell Infestors can cast while burrowed is Infested Terran.

Infestor Abilities

Infested Terran

I don't know where they get them all, but Infestors can spew out a massive number of Infested Terrans, which start as eggs but hatch in 5 (7) seconds, to make some pseudo-marines that move extremely slowly, but can put out a lot of damage with their rapid firing rate.

  • Damage = 8 (takes ground unit ranged upgrades)
  • Firing Rate = 0.88
  • Movement Speed = 0.94 (1.22 on creep)
  • Casting Range = 7 (reduced from 9 in patch 1.4)
  • Armor = 0 (takes ground unit carapace upgrades)
  • Duration = 30 secs
  • Spawn time = 5 in-game secs (7 from key-press to actual spawn because of egg travel time)
  • Cost = 25 Energy

Fungal Growth

The dreaded Fungal growth has been buffed (improved) in Starcraft 2's Patch 1.3, and now deals damage over 4 seconds instead of 8. While this means that you have to coordinate your Fungal + Banelings against marines a little more closely (because the marines won't be held still for as long!), the Fungal growth does damage much more quickly, and Medivacs have a harder time healing through the damage. This ALSO means that units are stuck in place for a much shorter time, meaning that hitting fungaled marines with Banelings, and killing Mutas with Infestors, requires much more coordination.

  • Damage = 30 over 4 secs (40 vs Armored) - updated to patch 1.4
  • Range = 8 (as above, but to center of area effect)
  • Cost = 75 Energy

Neural Parasite

This ability must be researched at the Infestation Pit before it can be used. It allows the Infestor to take control of an enemy unit for 15 seconds. This ability only lasts while the Infestor is alive, and some units will make the Infestor a high priority target when this ability is used. For example, Siege tanks will rapidly destroy the infestor using this ability.

UPDATE: In patch 1.3, AI targeting priority on Infestors using Neural was reduced. However, players can still easily target them manually...

  • Duration = 15 secs
  • Range = 7 (reduced from 9)
  • Cost = 100 Energy


Infested Terrans vs. Fungal Growth

Despite the temptation to launch Infested Terrans into the opponent's natural, it is actually better to use both Fungal Growth AND Infested Terrans to kill as many workers as possible. A smart opponent will simply run his workers away from the Infested Terrans, and usually there won't be enough of them to kill his expansion Hatchery / CC / Nexus anyway. However, a few Fungal growths will completely freeze his mineral line in place, kill all but SCVs with +3 armor, and even if he brings reinforcements, all he can do is kill your Infestor (assuming he has detection against burrow), but the damage will have been done.

During battles, Fungal growth is generally better than Infested Terrans, unless:

  1. The enemy has nowhere to retreat (i.e. you're in his base with your whole army)
  2. You need more anti-air units to protect the rest of your army.
  3. You want to force your opponent to retreat while you reinforce.
  4. The units are immune to Fungal growth movement effects (such as Ultralisks)

The reason for this is that if you spawn a whole bunch of infested Terrans, the enemy can simply back off, wait until they disappear, and re-engage you. Worse, your Infestors now have no energy to help with the battle, and are "wasted supply" if you are facing a max-supply army of the opponent. Fungal growths do damage and force at least a piece of the enemy army to continue the engagement.

Infestor Use

Do you find Infestors to be dangerous, or just a waste of space?

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