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Starcraft 2 Protoss Zerg 2v2 Strategies

Updated on September 29, 2014

Strengths of Protoss-Zerg

To win with a Protoss-Zerg 2v2 team in Starcraft 2, you need to take advantage of the strength of Protoss Gateway units (Zealots, Stalkers and Sentries) in the early game, in addition to the mobility of Zerglings, the toughness of Roaches, or the explosive power of Banelings. Another strength is the speed that both players can bring reinforcements - Zerg with rapid re-maxing of army size, and Protoss with proxy-Pylon warp-ins.

By the midgame, Protoss will provide the raw firepower, and Zerg the shield of tough, cheap units.

One strength of this combination, however, is probably in the harassment possibilities:

Weaknesses of Protoss-Zerg 2v2

The main weakness of this combination is that Zerg cannot wall their base in. Thus, early attacks against the Zerg player can be very dangerous. To avoid this problem, it is best if the Protoss either helps wall in the common base, or if the bases are separate, for the players to stage an early attack of their own. Even if their attack is met by the other players doing a similar strategy, this team should be able to reinforce faster than their opponents and push them back, allowing your team to expand or tech safely.

Another weakness of the match-up is Zerg's need to expand early, to gain larvae and take advantage of Zerg's ability to macro. Because many maps do not allow the team a safe expansion location, the early expansion opens Zerg to harassment or attack. Again, the solution is to keep your opponent defending, such that he cannot spare the units to go attack you.

Protoss-Zerg Unit Combinations


This unit combination relies on a very early attack with quick reinforcements in the form of Zergling speed and a Proxy Pylon or even Proxy Gateways from the Protoss player.

The idea of this build is to immediately put the opponents on the defensive, possibly even using a 6 pool or 10 pool by Zerg and Proxy Gateways from Protoss.


This potent combination can take a lot of punishment. To use this combination effectively, you must:

  • Keep the Stalkers behind the Roaches
  • Upgrade Roach Carapace and Stalker Attack
  • Keep the Army together
  • Attack before the opponents get Infestors, Siege Tanks or Colossi


The one problem with enemy armies is that they tend to run away from Colossi. Who wants to sit there and get burned from long range? Well - here's a solution - stick them in place with fungal growth, and burn them to a crisp. Both Fungal Growth and Colossus attack range are higher than most ground units in the game, and both deal significant amounts of damage. It's important to note that you'll have to back this army with high numbers of Roaches and Stalkers, or else the big terrible units will not last very long - but it's a great transition from Roach-Stalker.

Fixed Defenses

Unlike Terran, both Protoss and Zerg players have structures that attack both air and ground without requiring units inside (like Bunkers), and that don't use up supply. Use this to your advantage when securing new expansions. Remember that unlike 1v1, your bases will often come under attack by two opponents at once, and especially on larger maps, these defenses give you time for your own army to either do damage or fall back to defend. Furthermore, you can have two players harassing you, so having defenses to deal with them is a good investment - as long as you still have an army of decent size.

Bottom line - use extra minerals to make defenses at expansions, and you won't regret it.

Day9 on 2v2 Strategy


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