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Starcraft 2 Strategy - Mutalisks

Updated on June 14, 2011

Why Use Mutalisks?

Mutalisks are a fast, versatile flying unit that excels in a group of five or more, and gets stronger as it gets larger, mostly due to its bouncing glaive attack. While expensive and fragile, Mutalisks can quickly decimate an enemy economy, pick off reinforcements, or snipe rearmost enemy units.

Many Zerg builds rely heavily on Mutalisks to counter powerful units, such as Siege Tanks, which cannot hit them, or even Void Rays, which lose their damage advantage against Mutalisks.

Mutas: you need a mass – make sure ALL your mutas survive until you have an army-killing mass (your upgrades should kick in by this time too).

This lens gives tips and general discussion about the use of Mutalisks.

Best Uses of Mutalisks

The favorite use of Mutalisks is in the opponent's mineral line. The tightly-packed workers die very quickly to the Mutalisk's bouncing attack, and even 10 seconds in the mineral line can do enough damage to pay for the cost of building the Mutas in the first place.

Another favorite tactic vs. Terran is to snipe add-ons, hopefully just before they are about to finish an upgrade, such as Stimpak, which would have made it much easier for the Terran player to defend against the Mutas!

An often overlooked use for Mutalisks is simply to use their speed and mobility to scout the enemy base, for enemy expansions, and for troops moving. You MUST watch your Mutalisks as you send them around, because even small forces of Stalkers or Marines can do massive damage to your flock of Mutas.

In a Zerg vs. Terran (ZvT) matchup, Mutalisks are part of a Zergling / Baneling / Mutalisk trilogy that counters Marine-Tank-Medivac by the Terrans. Mutalisks, for their part, counter the tanks, picking them off whenever possible, and intercepting the medivacs as they skirt the edges of the map to drop marines in the Zerg's base.

Starcraft 2 - Wings of Liberty

Counters to Mutalisks

Aside from the obvious marines and stalkers, and pretty much anything that can shoot upwards at the fragile Mutalisks, these units are EXTREMELY weak to Fungal Growth (Infestors) and Psychic Storm (High Templar)

An interesting choice that some Terran players are making is the upgrades for Turrets to increase their range and toughness. While these won't stop Mutas by themselves, if you ensure that your SCVs are set to auto-repair, or you are fast enough to set them to repair turrets immediately, even one turret can fend off a flock of Mutas.

Mutalisks can also be very weak against Thors if you don't know the magic box technique, shown in the video immediately below:

The Mutalisk Magic Box Technique

Muta Surprises

Mutalisks are surprisingly good against:

  • Void Rays
  • Vikings

This means a few things.

First, DO NOT BUILD Vikings or Void Rays against Mutalisks! You are going to get them killed, and Mutalisks are cheaper and faster - if you run the above units away, they will not escape.

Second, you can actually counter harassment from these units by building an equal number of Mutalisks as there are in the harassing force (although more Mutas is always better).

I've seen Terran players who see Mutalisks and think "what air unit do I have against these?". This thinking is the wrong approach - Marines actually tear Mutalisks to shreds, and can almost catch them with Stimpak. Thors will usually cause a Zerg player to veer his Mutalisks away, because even if he kills the Thor, it will cost him Mutas, which he wants to keep for continued harassment - and your Thor can't be everywhere at once.

Muta Harass Entertainment


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    • northernwriter profile image

      northernwriter 6 years ago

      Yeah, Mutas die really quickly to Marines. BUT ... when you get 20-30 mutas flying around, a dozen marines means nothing to them.

    • Psycho Gamer profile image

      Psycho Gamer 6 years ago from Earth

      i remember those...really annoying creatures...really ..really annoying...

      if a player plays as terran...the turrets fully upgraded with a few marines can decimate the muts