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Starcraft 2 TvT Strategy 2Factory 2Starport

Updated on July 1, 2011
2 Factory, 2 Starport
2 Factory, 2 Starport | Source

Starcraft 2 History: How the Build Originated

Before this Starcraft 2 Strategy was thought up, TvT was characterized by Marine / Tank / Viking, where the players fought for position with their tanks, fought to vision range with Vikings, and the marines protected the tanks against air units and marauder rushes. The player with the upper hand gradually leap-frogged his tanks towards the enemy position, where the enemy would have to move his tanks back or lose a war of attrition. Because of the immobility of the tanks, marine drops were common, and both sides fought to defend what they had while jockeying for position at the front lines.

iEchoic is a player who thought up an alternative that he named, very simply, 2 Factory, 2 Starport, which represents the main buildings used. He decided that he could counter marines withBlue Flame Hellions, and Siege Tanks with Banshees. If the opponent made vikings to counter banshees, he could make vikings faster, and simply counter his opponent's counter. If the game went on longer, and the opponent built Thors, Battlecruisers could be made.

The following videos and overview by the originator describe the details of the build.

The 2Fact 2Port Build Order

The build order will look strange, but it's important to watch the videos to see what you need to build when and why.  Scouting is also extremely important, because you can build very different things to counter what the opponent is doing.

Note that the number (10, 12, 13 etc) indicate the amount of supply at which you build the various buildings.  When the numbers end, just build the listed items as soon as possible.

Build Order

  • 10 supply depot
  • 12 barracks
  • 13 refinery (gas)
  • 15 Orbital Command
  • 15 Queue 2 marines
  • 16 supply depot
  • 17 refinery #2
  • (supply depots as necessary, produce SCVs continually)
  • Factory #1 asap
  • Factory #2 asap
  • Tech lab on barracks
  • Swap first factory onto barracks tech lab
  • Make 1 hellion, then
  • Research pre-igniter (blue flame)
  • Make 1 hellion from each factory
  • Make 1 hellion on second factory
  • Eliminate enemy troops near Xel'Nagas towers with hellion
  • Starport #1
  • Starport #2
  • Use Orbital Command energy for "Supply Drop" (adds supply to existing depot).  Doing this allows you to have enough supply to sustain production of hellions and make the Starports fast enough to counter enemy aggression.
  • Medivac (for blue flame hellion drop)
  • Poke up ramp with a hellion, try to scout composition
  • Build continually from Starports as necessary to counter opponent.  Produce Hellions as minerals allow.

Day9's Podcast with iEchoic

An Overview of this build by the originator

The originator of this build wrote the following:

This [Starcraft 2] build utilizes two fast factories and then two fast starports. Infernal pre-igniter is researched as soon as possible. Fast 2 factories gives you a powerful early aggression-stopper (vs marines and hellions), and gives you map control.

A fast medivac is created to give a counter-attack and economic damage threat. This is a hard-counter to rushed cloaked banshees + bunker at front.

The 2 starports give you tremendous flexibility in countering terran openings. Banshees can be countered by simultaneously creating a raven and a viking, while dropping hellions. Reactored starport openings can be countered by actually creating 3 vikings at once instead of two. Marine/tank openings can be countered by creating vikings and banshees simultaneously.

Countering the TvT 2Fact 2Starport Build

About The Counter Build

Quick Summary of the Counter:

  • Build lots of Marauders to destroy the Hellions
  • Build Ghosts with Cloak (you can also just use Feedback against the Banshees instead of bothering with Cloak). Ghosts aren't light units, and also don't take much damage from Blue Flame Hellions, and are very effective against Banshees. Even if the Banshees get cloak, an EMP eliminates that problem.
  • Be very vigilant about drops. Place a marine or two at the edges of your base to spot drops or incoming banshees. You want Marauders (and a few marines) patrolling the edges of your base until you get Stim plus at least 4-5 ghosts to deal with the banshees.
  • Be careful not to build too many supply depots near the edges of your base, where banshees can pick them off without marines being able to hit them.

Commentary on the Video:

  • Despite that the build was "countered", the 2Fact 2Port player (orange) didn't play perfectly, and could have done more banshee harass, especially on the expansion. Keeping the harass going helps to pin the other player to their base (unless they want to lose a ton of SCVs), and helps delay pushes until you can get a critical mass of Hellions.
  • Because of Hellion splash damage, once you get more than 10 or so of them, they start doing quite well against Marauders, which is surprising.
  • The 2Fact 2Port build relies heavily on your ability to micro Banshees so you don't lose them.

Terran Versus Terran

Does Marine / Siege / Viking TvT drive you nuts?

See results

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