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Starcraft II Wings of Liberty campaign cheat codes

Updated on March 11, 2012

Spoiler Warning

Although Starcraft II Wings of Liberty has been around a while and many players will have completed the campaign game they may be some out there who have not. Use of these cheat codes will enable you to easily complete any mission, note using ANY (with one exception) cheat code deactivates the ability for you to complete any campaign achievements until you restart it or reload from a saved game from before you entered the cheat code. The campaign itself is not too difficult even on normal mode (casual is just too easy in my opinion) so I would recommend only using these codes to explore boundaries and generally mess around.

These cheat codes are perfectly safe and OK to use (they only work in single player campaign mode) and have been added deliberately by Blizzard themselves and will not result in any bans or similar action against you.

With "god mode" on this is the only unit you may need!
With "god mode" on this is the only unit you may need! | Source

How to enter cheat codes

These cheats codes are entered when actually playing a mission, some affect things in game and others have effects outside of the mission usually aboard the Hyperion. It is easy to enter a cheat code press the "enter" key to enter the chat window. Then type in the code that you want to use with no space's (shown below in bold) and press "enter" again. Usually a message of some kind will indicate the cheat has been activated and that achievements have been deactivated. Hidden even in these cheat codes are Blizzard's popular references both to their own games and other aspects of popular culture.

All of these codes were tried and tested and are confirmed still working in patch 1.4.3 (March 2012).

The cheat codes

  • whatisbestinlife-grants victory in the current campaign mission, is a reference to Conan the Barbarian.
  • terribleterribledamage-enters or exits "god" mode (can be switched on and off) basically makes your units "god" like inflicting increased damage and taking much less.
  • horadriccube-allows all research options when back aboard the hyperion next, an obvious throw back to Blizzard's other excellent game Diablo II.
  • moredotsmoredots-removes costs for all buildings/units/upgrades meaning no need to mine or harvest vespene gas. A reference to the Onyxia encounter in World of Warcraft.
  • sosayweall- removes any tech tree requirements can be switched on and off, reference to Battlestar Galactica and also the name of a book on it.
  • bunker55aliveinside-removes the supply/food limit, this is a reference to the Dawn of the Dead film.
  • tooktheredpill-this Matrix reference removes the "fog of war" allowing you to see everywhere on the map.
  • iamironman-upgrades all units armour by 1 point, an obvious Ironman reference.
  • catfoodforprawnguns- speeds up building times and upgrade research times.
  • overengineeredcodpiece-plays the terran up the Night song, it is the only cheat code that does not deactivate acheivements
  • hanshotfirst-removes ability cooldown timers is a Star Wars reference
  • Whysoserious-grants you 5,000,000 credits for unit upgrades and mercs when aboard the Hyperion next, believed to be a reference to the Dark Knight (Batman) film.


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