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Starcraft2 3v3 StrategyTips

Updated on September 29, 2014

3v3 Strategy

In Starcraft 2, your 3v3 strategy must always rely on attacking together and defending together. Although early outright wins are possible if your opponents go for greedy economic builds, your main goal in 3v3 should be to turn it into a 3v2 (in your favor) as soon as possible. To this end, you should attempt to destroy all of the defeated player's workers and worker-making ability. Zerg players are especially capable of rapid comebacks, especially with mineral-sharing from their allies.

Early 3-player Army Pushes Zerg base
Early 3-player Army Pushes Zerg base | Source

Rushes in 3v3

Early rushes are a lot less effective with common bases, since defensive players all have reinforcements right there, and an early rush, sacrificing economy, will cost you the game if it fails. That said, there are many great combinations for 3v3 rushes that can win games early.

Early rushes with common bases must be done EARLY! I have seen many games where players lose because they are waiting for more units.

General Unit Strategy in 3v3

Build at least some early, standard units. Unlike 1v1, rushing a few, high-tech units isn't going to win you the game - it might just leave you and your allies with too little to defend against a joint low-tech push by the opponent.

That said, don't build "some of everything". You can focus on one or two units, and let your allies' unit choices cover the weaknesses of your own. Specializing also allows you to pursue a limited upgrade path and still field a decent number of units.

That siad, don't overspecialize - your allies may not always be with you, and you need basic defenses against harassment.

Scouting, Map Control and Map Vision

  • Control the expansion locations (thirds, always thirds).
  • Build some fixed defenses vs. harassment
  • Know where the enemy army is at all times
  • Prevent sudden surprises of "mass-critical" units (Siege tanks, Void Rays, Carriers, Broodlords)

Annihilating One Opponent Early Doesn't Win You The Game

You have to understand what a rush does to the economy of all players on your side. Yes, it is very likely to wipe out at least one opponent, and possibly severely damage a second, but it also allows the third opponent to expand, tech, and build basically whatever he wants.

This means that you have to be ready for a counterattack, and that you must get back to growing your economy as soon as you've done more damage to the opponents than it cost you to damage them! What will happen if you over-commit to a push is that you will be stuck with low-tech units while your third opponent brings out Colossi, Siege Tanks or Infestors, which will decimate your army. Worse, his economy might be just as good as two of your allies combined, meaning he's not only going to have the high-tech units, he's going to have a LOT of them.

Do Not Quit Unless Your Allies Agree

The worst thing you can do is assume your part in the game is over and your enemies are going to win. I see this most of the time when three players are destroying a player's base, and that player knows they cannot defend the attack, so he quits. This allows the attacking force to immediately switch targets and hit another opponent, rather than taking the time to finish you off. Staying to defend is called "dying slow", and benefits your allies in a huge way.

Even if you are almost entirely annihilated, have no workers and only a handful of units, you can still be useful to your allies by helping with micro, giving them scouting information, or even just making your opponents think that you are going to rebuild somewhere eventually. It also allows you a chance at a win, because if you leave the game, you get a loss guaranteed.

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Starcraft 2 3v3 Strategy and Dying Slow


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