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Starcraft 2 Zerg Strategy Tips

Updated on June 21, 2011
Macro Hatch
Macro Hatch | Source

Zerg Tips on Units

  1. In general, you do NOT want to engage his main army with your Mutas (unless desperate)
  2. Don't lose the air war vs Zerg or Protoss.
  3. Don't overbuild Corruptors without a Greater Spire.
  4. Don't engage with your Zerglings from the front. They should ALWAYS engage enemy armies from the rear, just after the rest of your army engages. Zerglings do not tank damage, they are damage DEALERS. They also require a lot of space.
  5. Don't store your Zerglings in your base, or anywhere they can get clogged by numbers. This helps with #4, too.
  6. Don't let yourself be contained, but don't feel compelled to throw your army at the opponent immediately if he attempts it - just break the contain asap.
  7. In general, you need to have 1 more base than your Terran or Protoss opponents.
  8. 1-base Zerg is crap because of lack of larvae. However, the extra Hatchery CAN be build in your main...
  9. In general, don't build more than 4 banelings if you're trying to get Mutas out.
  10. Always be doing something with your Mutas and Zerglings. Even setting them on a patrol route where a drop could occur is better than them sitting around.
  11. Use Baneling mines, baneling drops, or baneling runs into mineral lines. Small numbers of banelings are very cost-effective. Burrowed banelings give vision even if you forget to use them in time. Put one burrowed Zergling in front of your banelings to give warning of approaching enemy units, in case you can't select your banelings fast enough.

Zerg Tips on Scouting

  • As INControl puts it, you should take it personally if you don't own the Xel'Naga Watchtowers.
  • Always have a Zergling or two at the front of their base, so you know when his army is moving out.
  • Send your first Overlord to a safe place just outside your opponent's base
  • Send your second Overlord to watch for Cannon or Bunker rushes near or in your base
  • Scout on 9 supply.
  • Float an Overlord over your opponent's base at 30 supply, if you can't see his entire base with a Zergling scout.
  • Build 4-6 Zerglings for the sole purpose of setting them on patrol between expansions (big map), or burrowing them where expansions would go (smaller map). How many games have you lost to hidden expansions? 100-150 minerals and a few patrol routes solves this problem. No other race does it as cheaply.

Zerg Tips on Upgrades

  • Research +1 Attack or +1 Range Attack early in the game
  • Research +1 Carapace if using Zerglings against Terran marines, or if Protoss has built a Forge (Zealot attack upgrade hurts Zerglings!)
  • Research Drop tech OR Nydus worms OR Mutalisks. Use your chosen method constantly to harass.
  • Research burrow and overlord speed for scouting

Starcraft 2 Weapons vs. Armor Upgrades

Comments on Upgrades Video

This video is excellent in explaining some of the critical upgrades and WHY they are critical upgrades.

Some things not mentioned for Zerg in the video:

  • Roach +1 ranged upgrade kills Zerglings in 2 hits instead of 3
  • Baneling +1 Melee upgrade kills Zerglings with 1 baneling instead of 2.


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