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Starcraft 2 Zerg Terran 2v2 Strategies

Updated on February 2, 2012
Protoss Wall-Off (Zealot on Hold Position)
Protoss Wall-Off (Zealot on Hold Position) | Source

Zerg 10 pool while Terran Expands

Our favorite Starcraft 2 strategy right now in 2v2 is to have the Zerg player 10-pool while the Terran player expands, and sends whatever few marines he can to aid the early harass.

I won't get into the Zerg or Terran build orders, but rather tell you how these games usually go.

First, you need to scout on 9 supply. The Terran player will usually do this because he's not the one who's going to be cramped for economy. The Zerg player can't really afford to lose mining time at this point. If you scout a player who isn't walling in, or if one of your opponents is Zerg, that's your target.

If there is a complete wall-in from both opponents, you may not be able to continue with the harass with just Zerglings. If possible, don't build more than 4 Zerglings (2 Larvae worth) and instead go for drones. This transition won't hurt your economy too much, and the early pool actually protects your side against early marine rushes or 6-pools. However, even with the typical Protoss wall-in with a Zealot (shown in picture), it is still possible to sacrifice Zerglings and kill the Zealot (good micro will make this trade MUCH more efficient for the Zerg). This unit tradeoff still does not favor the Zerg, and will likely cost you 4-5 Zerglings, but since you've already committed to the attack, it will force him to chrono-boost out another unit, which is something. It's also good to test to see if the Protoss has remembered to select "hold position" on the Zealot. If not, lure him out and run around him.

While it is possible to completely wipe out one opponent in this way by continuing to stream Zerglings into a crippled player's base, it is less likely to happen because his ally will come to his defense, and your ally isn't churning out attack units (yet). What's more likely to happen is that you will do severe economic damage to the one opponent, and his ally will push you back. Run your units away (possibly back into the ally's base!) when you see you can't win, and wait for your ally to roll in with his big army off of 2 bases. Your Speedlings will prevent the undamaged opponent from expanding, and that should give your ally the edge over him.

A very important addition to this strategy is to send your ally's first 2-3 marines, as they are built, along with your Zerglings. Marines are VERY powerful early game already, and with another unit to hide behind, they are even better.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT use this strategy when your opponents have a single, shared base! They can reinforce each other too easily, and they can completely wall off, meaning that you won't be able to hit either of them with reinforcements.

Zerg Early Expand
Zerg Early Expand | Source

Terran MM build while Zerg Expands

This combination of build orders takes advantage of the strengths of both races: Terran early units are very powerful, and Zerg can build an economy like no other race if not concerned about defenses.

In this Starcraft 2 Strategy, the Zerg player will fast expand with a 15 hatch, 15 pool build, and either build a Roach Warren (vs Protoss) or a Baneling Nest (vs Terran) to assist his ally. If against another Zerg opponent, use Roaches or Banelings to counter Roaches or Zerglings, as appropriate. Even 2 banelings makes a heavy Zergling army very ineffective.

Again, you need to scout on 9. If BOTH opponents are doing a heavy all-in build, you are going to need to produce more units to defend it, in which case I would recommend a 14-hatch, 14 pool instead, and add Zergling speed or Banelings earlier.

What's supposed to happen in this build is that the Zerg player expands and techs until he can harass, and once the harassment starts, the Terran player should be free to expand, and the Zerg player should expand again.

Roach / Marine Rush

This Starcraft 2 strategy entail the combination of a 3 Barracks push with a 7-Roach Rush. Both players should expand behind this push, and should avoid throwing away their army if their target opponent is too well protected.

The idea of this strategy is to use the early army to either contain the opponent and prevent them from expanding until your own expansions are running, or do sufficient economic damage to one player to pay off your early investment in attack units.

Although it's relatively strong even when scouted, this strategy works best when you manage to shut down your opponent's scouting until the Roach / Marine ball is already on the way to their base. Station a few marines at both your ramps to deny Zergling or worker scouts into either base.

Starcraft 2 - Wings of Liberty

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

The first installment of a 3-part series. The single-player campaign is long and interesting, and the multiplayer is free to play online. The game has been improved over the very-popular Starcraft 1 without being imbalanced. What more could you want?



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