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Best Starcraft 2 Gaming Mouse

Updated on December 7, 2012

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Now that starcraft 2 is finally for everyone to play instead of the hands of a select few, many people have been changing their pc hardware like graphics card and processors to meet the new requirements of Starcraft 2. Some of the things that needs to be changed also happens to include getting a decent laser equipped gaming mouse good for playing Starcraft 2 in its new and shiny high resolutions as well as to keep up with powerful korean pro-gamers. Now would also be a good time to snap up the quickly dwindling limited edition sets before they run out.

Heart of the Swarm is also zerg creeping its way, so naturally there is also a collector's edition with all the fancy extras, along with Kerrigan wings lookalike addition to your Diablo 3 account if you have one. WoW players can get a pet from that edition too!

Razer Spectre Mouse

Razer Spectre
Razer Spectre

Razer Spectre

First we have the ugly monstrosity or technological marvel (YMMV) that is the Razer Spectre. Clearly designed around Terran machinery, this beast has one of the most innovative cosmetic touches that Blizzard and Razer has jointly come up with. It looks like spectres or spectre are intended to be the upgrades for the ghost units and they were a secret project that involved infusing terrazine gas into them so I guess this is where the name comes from! That is a pretty cool background story for a gaming mouse, even if it is a starcraft 2 themed gaming mice.

What it does is to change lights according to your actions per minute, a term that should be familiar to starcraft players. When say you click about 200 times in a minute your mouse lights may change to a dark yellow color, indicating your aggregate APM. At a hefty price tag of 79.99 you probably need to take a long hard look at your wallet and decide if the shiny lights are worth it since a razer deathadder may be about $10 cheaper!

APM however isn't an indication of good game play, so be warned! Good players have about a 100+ APM to 200, with the best a hundred higher or so.

Korean APM Demonstration from a documentary Notice the Razer Keyboard, Mouse and Mousepad as he hits 250ish APM!
Korean APM Demonstration from a documentary Notice the Razer Keyboard, Mouse and Mousepad as he hits 250ish APM! | Source

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Other Razer Offerings

If you find the razer spectre's boxy casing to be ugly, and you have no need for an APM indicator, then you might want to consider Razer's other offerings to play to excellence in your SC2 games. The Razer Abyssus has a 3500 dpi engine which means that moving less than an inch on your mouse will result in your cursor being able to swathe across the entire screen even if you play Starcraft2 on one of the higher settings like 1920 x 1080. It is also one of those value for money mice at about $30-$50 which can be useful if you're waiting for Razer Spectre to be in easy purchasing reach. If you play the game at 1680 or 1920 x 1080 resolutions then you'll really need a gaming grade mouse.

This is a lightweight claw grip mouse that favors those that use their fingers over their palm, and has a few programmable keys that you can bind to your favorite hotkeys.

The Razer Deathadder has also been a mainstay for gamers all this while. Amazon has it at about 25% off the list price it seems. It serves gaming purposes very well and is highly customizable.


The steelseries line of mice has also really been catching on! Quite many people use it now and the mice is a strong contendor with the razer series.

There are currently no specific steelseries starcraft editions, however WoW and Diablo3 versions of their mice are available. Of course, getting a vanilla mouse will likely still be as efficient in gaming since themed mice are often only different cosmetically.

Starcraft 2 Mousepads

Just to top your new mouse with something, you can consider getting it a limited edition Starcraft II mousepad before stocks run out as people buy into the SC2 craze! Depending on the mice you use, getting a mouse pad can be more than just a cosmetic touch. Having a good mouse pad can allow you to maneuver your mouse with greater ease and precision and may even improve your mood.

The best price for mousepads probably hang around $15 plus minus a few bucks or so thereabouts. Its a cheap and good addition to your starcraft 2 collection, and has practical use if you're using a gaming grade mouse. Some of them look real good!


Razer is also currently developing a Starcraft 2 keyboard called the Razer Marauder, probably named after the unit of the same name. It also features the same glowing APM lighting system, probably to the delight of quite a few prospective buyers! It is however quite a bit more expensive at a hefty retail price of over a hundred and I think you can get it from amazon at just over $110 to $120 or so.


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    • Csjun89 profile image

      Csjun89 7 years ago

      I currently use a mamba on the go myself, Razer's mouse works great when they work!

    • profile image

      Grundorf 7 years ago

      I have to agree, not much for the razer keyboards, but I have a razer Deathadder and I love it. If you are looking for the best starcraft 2 mouse check out they have lists of the specs for the best gaming mice.

    • chaladar profile image

      chaladar 7 years ago

      I have to be honest I like their keyboard but not the mouse... Not very comfortable, my vote goes to the ergonomic ones! Also, If you guys are looking for some more advanced strategies feel free to checkout my starcraft 2 guides webpage at


    • Csjun89 profile image

      Csjun89 7 years ago

      It sure looks like something that comes out from the game doesn't it?

    • heinzerichli profile image

      heinzerichli 7 years ago

      The Razer Spectre looks awesome! I'd get that if I buy SC2! :D