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Starcraft 2 Mousepad

Updated on March 16, 2011

Mousepads for Starcraft 2

Are they really needed for gaming?

That might be one of the questions people ask and the answer is that, no they aren't really needed for gaming. That said, pro gamers do use them but perhaps they got a mousepad that came with the mice.

Furthermore, a starcraft mouse pad is probably there just to look good. Personally, both the Marauder and the Zeratul v Kerrigan is kickass.

The main thing to get them would be that they are a cheaper way of getting a poster into your room. At $13++ it is about the equivalent of skipping 3 trips down to the nearest starbucks. It could be the mousepad of Kerrigan kicking ass mentioned above, or a terran marauder pwning zergs right below your mouse. The official starcraft mouse costs like $79 and the keyboard at $119. There's really a sharp difference there! If you happen to have friends of the gaming crowd and they have happened to hear about starcraft 2, which looks set to be the best selling game for the year already and for years to come, then it might just wow them over with that as your mousepad.

As for whether the happen to be really useful in adrenaline packed situations...
It can depend on whether you're using a gaming mouse. Many pro players, are sponsored to say that the special surfaces makes the mouse extra responsive as well as giving improved control over its movements especially for complicated sequences of actions. Personally I value the mousepad for being an easy fix for bad surfaces. Things like a pure white and smooth table or a reflective glass table makes it hard to play. Tossing a mousepad over there gives a quick fix to the problem! It can also make a great Starcraft 2 Christmas Gift!

At the very least they certainly make for a very good coaster to prevent the moisture on your drinks from seeping into wooden tables.

This may count as a spoiler so SPOILER ALERT (if you've not played the single player campaign)

If you've not played the game yet, and you're considering the Tychus mousepad, finish the game then reconsider again.


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    • Csjun89 profile image

      Csjun89 7 years ago

      Wow, I havn't seen such a good mousepad yet. That would really be an awesome mousepad. The only thing I've seen even remotely matching it on the internet is a yellow lego battle cruiser (titow) being sieged by a bunch of red and orange lego mutalisks. I saw it here:

    • profile image

      bloody b 7 years ago

      hi do u know a mauspad with a battle cuiser and mutas on it because i would like to buy one .I couldnt find it anywhere I know the picture on it but not were to buy. I hope it is one from steelseries because they make very good ones pls give me a clue .if not I will buy the marauder one check that one out its amazing .